Sun rising-Coronation (hieroglyph)

Sun rising-Coronation (hieroglyph)

The ancient Egyptian "Rising sun" hieroglyph is one of the oldest language hieroglyphs from Ancient Egypt. It was used by Pharaoh Khasekhemwy-(" 'Khā-sekhem' ") of the 2nd dynasty in composing his name. The hieroglyph is also used to represent: "Coronation", and its basic meaning related to festivals, parades, rejoicing, etc., and the sun arising each day is: "rejoice".

Language usage of "Rising sun"-(Khā)

The basic usage of the Rising sun symbol is as the language equivalent: "khā", and is used to refer to "risings", "splendours", "coronations"; also the related word "crowns". The alternate hieroglyphic spelling with the basket (hieroglyph) shows its other language variety, in a Composite hieroglyph word.

Rosetta Stone usage

Line 11 of the Rosetta Stone refers to an event, one of the ten ways that the honoring of Pharaoh Ptolemy V is to be done::"There shall be celebrated a festival and 'a day of rejoicing'-(Khā), in the temples of Egypt, all of them, of the King of the South and the North, Ptolemy, the everliving, of Ptah, beloved, the god appearing-("epiphanous"), lord of benefits-("eucharistos"-Greek), yearly, beginning in..."

In the Rosetta Stone, the second half of the decree, the Decree of Memphis (Ptolemy V), the Rising Sun (hieroglyph) is used six times, in lines: R-4, 7, 10-(twice), 11, and 13; all uses are related to either festivals, or erecting/constructing a statue.

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