Set Free (film)

Set Free (film)

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name = Set Free

image_size =
caption =
director = Tod Browning
producer =
writer = Tod Browning
Joseph F. Poland
Rex Taylor
narrator =
starring = Edith Roberts
Harry Hilliard
music =
cinematography = Alfred Gosden
editing =
distributor = Universal Film Manufacturing Company
released = 9 December, 1918
runtime = 50 minutes
country = USA
language = Silent
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budget =
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imdb_id = 0010682

"Set Free" is a 1918 comedy film directed by Tod Browning. cite web |url= |title=Progressive Silent Film List: Set Free |accessdate=2008-05-05|work=Silent Era]


* Edith Roberts - Roma Wycliffe
* Harry Hilliard - John Roberts
* Harold Goodwin - Ronald Blair
* Mollie McConnell - Mrs. Roberts (as Molly McConnell)
* Blanche Gray - Aunt Henrietta


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