The Triangle (film)

The Triangle (film)

"The Triangle" is a 2002 thriller television movie starring Luke Perry and Dan Cortese. It was directed by Lewis Teague, and filmed in the Barbados and Canada.

Taglines: "Only A Few Can Survive!" and "60 years ago, the Queen of Scots vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. Now four friends have found the unthinkable... or has it found them."


Stu (Luke Perry), Tommy (Dan Cortese) and Gus have been friends since High School. They decide to go on a trip to Bermuda, and Stu decides to bring his fiancée, Julia, along. Before they leave Stu suddenly becomes obsessed with a big cruise ship called the HMS Queen of Scots that disappeared in the 1930s in the Bermuda Triangle. Stu, Gus and Tommy start to walk around Bermuda and they accidentally stumble across a voodoo sacrifice. Gus becomes very excited and insists on taking a photo. The voodoo priestess notices the flash, and the men leave quickly. They head off to find their boat for a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle like they had planned.

When Tommy, Gus, Stu and his fiancé get to the dock they find that they have a cruise on a very unsafe boat. The boat is run by Captain Morgan and a beautiful girl, Charlie (Olivia d'Abo), who Tommy believes he recognizes from somewhere. While doing some diving, Julia sees a ghost and is frightened. Stu jumps in and saves her. She immediately wants to leave, when a big purple fog comes over the ship. This fog ruins the electronical equipment on board. Suddenly the Queen of Scots appears on the horizon. Everyone decides that they should go on the Queen of Scots, but before they do, Stu arms himself with a gun.

Once they are on the ship, the group finds the captain's log. While reading it, they realize that the crew on the Queen of Scots experienced similar electronical malfunctions. Captain Morgan insists that he can fix it, so everyone decides they should find the power. Captain Morgan and Tommy are searching the quarters, when they notice the elevator is working. They watch in fear as the elevator descends to their level. It opens, and a cricket ball rolls out. They meet with the rest of the group and insist that there is a ghostly presence on the ship. Stu disagrees, but the rest are all spooked. Wanting to leave, they head up to the deck and find that Captain Morgan's boat is missing.

Gus sees the ghost that Stu's fiancée saw. He convulses in terror and dies. Stu finds a vault filled with money and an old cricket bat. He is about to take the money when Julia tries to convinces him that he doesn't need the money. He gets angry and kills her with a single hit to the head with the bat.

Captain Morgan finds Julia's body and searches for Stu. Upon finding him, Stu and Morgan have a confrontation. Morgan is shot to death. Later on Tommy finds him, barely alive. Before he dies, Captain Morgan tells him that Stu is acting like one of the original passengers on the Queen of Scots who went crazy and killed everyone.

Tommy and Charlie decide to escape but Stu is hot on their tails. Tommy hits Stu through a pain of glass with the cricket bat and assumes he's dead. Charlie and Tommy cover the boat with petrol and get a small dingy. Charlie has just gotten on the dinghy when Tommy is attacked by a bloodied Stu. Stu slips on the petrol and gets hung on a net hanging of the side of the boat. Tommy gets on the dinghy with Charlie and shots a flare at the Queen of Scots causing it to explode.

Later on some boat patrolmen find Tommy and Charlie and help them on their boat. The patrolmen are all shocked to learn that they are survivors from Captain Morgan's ship, saying the boat was lost at sea over four years ago. The events of the Triangle happen in one day, implying the Bermuda Triangle is a wormhole.

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