Country Development Unit

Country Development Unit

The Country Development Unit (CDU) is a non-political and non-governmental organization in Afghanistan, established in early 1992 to take active participation in the rehabilitation and development of the war-torn country. It has been registered with the MoP and is a member of ANCB.

Various projects have been successfully implemented with the collaboration of different donors such as UNHCR, UNICEF, UNOPS, ADB, CIDA, CARE, Hummer Forum, IRC, JEN LBG/USAID and ICR.

The projects implemented comprised road rehabilitation, Irrigation Net Works, clinic construction, Return and IDP Rapid Assessment Surveys, Shelter, Shallow Well Development, IGP (Quilt Making, Stove Production, Carpentry Training and Production) School Construction and Rehabilitation and Distribution of Food and Non Food Items.

Geographically Badakhshan, Lugar, Kabul, Kapisa and Khost were covered by the mentioned projects. Since CDU is already involved with the Construction Vocational Training Projects such as Wooden Productive. Carpentry Training in Jabal Saraj, Parwan where 240 carpenters were trained in 2002 and now it is one of the CDU's ongoing projects on IG bases. So CDU want to expand these kinds of trainings in Kabul as well as other provinces to promote and develop skill capacity building of Afghan youth.

CDU is thankful to the donors contributed in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the war torn Afghanistan. Their consideration and generous support has enabled CDU to implement its sustainable initiatives and plans in development, strengthening and returning peace and prosperity back to the country.




CDU is an Afghan non-governmental, humanitarian organization that supports sustainable development in Afghanistan through promoting the ability of local communities to decide upon and manage their own development process.

Activities are implemented cooperation with civil society organizations the private sector and governmental institutions with a particular emphasis on poverty eradication and assistance towards the return and re-integration of refugees and internally displaced people.

External vision

Rural Afghan communities are effectively and in a sustainable way managing local resources in a constant improvement of livelihoods. As part of a strong civil society and with support from governmental institutions, local community organizations and individual men and women have access to knowledge, education, training and social services and are able to effectively improve quantity of life and to withstand periods of calamity and stress.

Internal vision

CDU is a well-known and respected NGO with a strong anchorage in Afghan society. It is a transparent development organization with clear and updated policies and strategies and with committed and experienced Afghan staff, also in key management positions.


  • Efficiency
  • Honesty
  • Participation
  • Quality
  • Transparency

List of the Projects successfully implemented by CDU so far:

  1. Name of the Projects

1 Domanda-Khost Feeder Rd Project 2 Arram Kot Road 3 Rehabilitation of Shindand-Hirat Highway 4 Construction of Asmar-Kunar Road Structures 5 Construction of Hili Pad 6 Earth works of Taluqan-Kishm Road

II. Building Construction/Renovation

1 52 Shelter in Lugar 2 Constructtion of 5 Community Center (schools) 3 Construction of Guard Rm for IRC in Shashdarak 4 Construction of Auto Workshop for IRC 5 300 Shelter for Returnees & IDPs 6 Refurbishment of Nomad School 7 Rehabilitation of Construction Dep (MoEd) 8 Floor Marbling of Construction Dep (MoEd) 9 1000 Shelter for Returnees & IDPs 10 Ebrahim Khil Clinic (BHC) 11 Melan Clinic (BHC) 12 Mamuzai Jani Khil Clinic (BHC) 13 Arma Clinic (BHC) 14 Surkai Clinic (BHC) 15 Kolalgu Clinic (CHC) 16 Shwak Clinic (BHC) 17 Kohseen Clinic (BHC) 18 Dem Ghundi Mangal Clinic (BHC) 19 Mirzaka Mangal Clinic (BHC) 20 Tashnak Clinic (BHC) 21 Jani Khil Clinic(CHC) 22 Dre Khuleh Clinic (BHC) 23 Ebrahim Khil Clinic (BHC) 24 Sajawand Clinic (BHC) 25 Shah Mazar Clinic (BHC) 26 Deh Dushanbe Clinics (BHC) 27 Mir Barakat Clinic (BHC) 28 Garmaba Clinic (CHC) 29 Burg Clinic (BHC) 30 Kharuti Clinic (BHC) 31 Khuja Angur Clinic (BHC) 32 Shikhan Clinic (BHC) 33 Roof Retrofit of 13 clinics in Paktya Province 34 Roof Retrofit of 8 clinics in Badakhshan Province 35 Roof Retrofit of 5 clinics in Ghazni (5 CHC) 36 Comp of remaining works of Khwar Qul (CHC) 37 Comp of remaining works of Jaka Pashi (CHC) 38 Comp of remaining works of Sangar (CHC) 39 Comp of remaining works of Turmai (CHC) 40 Comp of remaining works of Askar Kot (CHC) 41 Comp of remaining works of Bagh Sarkari (CHC) 42 Comp of remaining works of Babur (BHC) 43 Comp of remaining works of Meshan (CHC) 44 Comp of remaining works of Tulakan (BHC) 45 Comp of remaining works of Nahr Rubat (BHC) 46 Renovation of Baraki Hospital 47 Modification of Jaji Custom House 48 Construction of Black Horse Project 49 Renovation of Bathroom & Shower Facilities 50 Water Pump House in Ghazni & Gardiz 51 Refurbishment of 23 school & clinics 52 Renovation of KIMS Wardak (MRI Clinic) 53 Construction of Latrine + Bio Gas Digester 54 Construction of Latrine + Bio Gas Digester 55 Construction of Latrine + Bio Gas Digester 56 Construction of Yawan CHC Construction of Annexes to Yawan CHC

III. Irrigation Network

1 Construction of Khairabad Intake 2 Rehabilitation of Karizes

IV. Water Supply and Sanitation

1 Shallow well construction 2 Rural Water Sanitation & Hygiene Education 3 Rural Water Sanitation & Hygiene Education 4 Rural Water Sanitation & Hygiene Education 5 Water Supply 6 Water Supply 7 Water Supply and Sanitation for Schools

V. Vocational Trainings

1 Carpentry Training Center 2 Production of 4500 quilts by women 3 Production of 4000 coal stoves (apprenticeship Prog) 4 Productive wood Work Training Center (IGP) 5 Productive wood Work Training Center 6 Gilim Weaving Training+ Health Education (Female) 7 Gilim Weaving Training+ Health Education (Female) 8 Quilt Making Project for women

VI. Distribution of Relief Goods

1 Distribution of Relief Goods for returnees 2 Distribution of School Bags for students 3 IDPs Rapid Assessment Survey 4 Supply of school furniture (Durkhani GHS) 5 Distribution of food & None food items 6 Distribution of food & None food items 7 Supply of door/window


  • House # 88, Charrahi Haji Mohammad Dad, Taimani Road, Kabul-City, Kabul Afghanistan


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