Literature of Taiwan

Literature of Taiwan

Literature of Taiwan is different from Chinese literature, but many books popular in China are also popular in Taiwan.


In fact, with the establishment of the Communist regime in China in 1949, books from China were not often published in Taiwan and books from Taiwan were not often published in China. In 1986, the first novel, Three Kings, written by a mainland Chinese writer, Ah Cheng, was openly published as such in Taiwan.

Some books from China still found their way into Taiwan before 1986 by different ways. As pirate editions, under both a different title and a pseudonym for the author, under a different title, but with the author's name unchanged, under a pseudonym but with the title unchanged, or altered by changes in the text itself.

History and Development of Taiwanese Literature

Popular kinds of books

Often books which have a movie based on them sell well in Taiwan. The Harry Potter Series are popular and so are Bridget Jones's Diary. Some non-western popular books are The Hooligan Professor, 流氓教授, by Lin Jian-long 林建隆, and Big Hospital Small Doctor 大醫院小醫師, by Hou Wun-yong 侯文詠. Both were adapted for television. Other popular non-literary works included books on mastering English and attaining success.


Magazines are extremely popular in Taiwan.

Some important financial magazines are CommonWealth (天下雜誌), Wealth (財訊), Smartdn (智富月刊), and Business Next (數位時代). The most notable financial magazine is definitely is the Business Weekly (商業周刊). It enjoyed the highest advertising earnings in 2002 and received awards in 2003 for its coverage of financial and Taiwan/China news.

Magazines aimed at women, Chinese editions of foreign magazines, or local magazines, have high sales. The Chinese edition of magazines like Vogue (時尚雜誌), ELLE (她), Marie Claire (美麗佳人), Shape (秀雜誌), and Ef (衣芙) compete with local magazines such as Baby and Mother (嬰兒與母親), Bella (儂儂), Mom Baby (媽媽寶寶), and Baby Life (育兒生活).

There are also many magazines for people interested in computors. Widely read magazines are PC Home (電腦家庭), for people less skilled with computors, PC Office (電腦上班族) for office workers, and PC Gamer (電腦玩家) for video game enthusiasts.

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