Chigger may refer to:

* Harvest mite, mites in the family "Trombiculidae" that live in North American forests and grasslands
* Chigoe flea ("Tunga penetrans"), a parasitic arthropod found in tropical climates, especially South America and the West Indies

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  • chigger — n. 1. a small tropical flea ({Tunga penetrans}, formerly {Pulex penetrans}); same as {chigoe}. [Also spelled {chigre}.] Syn: chigoe, chigoe flea, {Tunga penetrans}. [WordNet 1.5] 2. a larval mite of the family {Trombiculidae} that sucks the blood …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • chigger — 1756, from W.Indies chigoe (1660s), possibly from Carib, or of African origin (e.g. Wolof and Yoruba jiga insect ) …   Etymology dictionary

  • chigger — ☆ chigger [chig′ər] n. [of Afr orig., as in Wolof jiga, insect ] the tiny, red larva of a family (Trombiculidae) of mites, whose bite causes severe itching …   English World dictionary

  • chigger — /chig euhr/, n. 1. Also called harvest mite, redbug. the six legged larva of a mite of the family Trombiculidae, parasitic on humans and other vertebrates, sucking blood and causing severe itching and acting as a vector of scrub typhus and other… …   Universalium

  • chigger — The six legged larva of Trombicula species and other members of the family Trombiculidae; a bloodsucking stage of mites that includes the vectors of scrub typhus. * * * chig·ger chig ər, jig n 1) CHIGOE (1) …   Medical dictionary

  • chigger — UK [ˈtʃɪɡə(r)] / US [ˈtʃɪɡər] noun [countable] Word forms chigger : singular chigger plural chiggers a small insect larva, common in warm parts of the US, whose bite causes painful lumps on your skin …   English dictionary

  • chigger — Jigger Jig ger (j[i^]g g[ e]r), n. [A corrupt. of chigre.] 1. (Zo[ o]l.) A species of flea ({Tunga penetrans}, or {Sarcopsylla penetrans}, or {Pulex penetrans}), which burrows beneath the skin; called also {jigger flea}. See {Chigoe}. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • chigger — Chigoe Chig oe, Chigre Chig re, n. [Cf. F. chigue, perh. fr. Catalan chic small, Sp. chico; or of Peruvian origin.] (Zo[ o]l.) A species of flea ({Tunga penetrans}, formerly {Pulex penetrans}), common in the West Indies and South America, which… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • chigger — noun Date: 1756 1. chigoe 1 2. [alteration of jigger (II)] a 6 legged mite larva (family Trombiculidae) that sucks the blood of vertebrates and causes intense irritation …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Chigger — Aoûtat Aoûtat …   Wikipédia en Français

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