Tissue paper

Tissue paper

Facial tissue

Tissue paper or wrapping tissue is a type of thin, translucent paper used for wrapping and cushioning items.

Tissue paper is usually found in single sheets or sheet collections of 25, 40, or 50. White tissue is also sold specifically for bulk wrapping in reams of 480 sheets. [ [http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-tissue-paper.htm What is Tissue Paper?] ]

Some shops wrap delicate merchandise in folded or crumpled layers of tissue paper to protect it before placing it in bags or boxes for the purchaser. Facial tissue can be used for blowing one's nose after a sneeze.

Colored tissue paper can be used for an assortment of visually artistic purposes. For example, when wetted, the color bleeds a watercolor-like layer of tissue paper that stays when you peel off the tissue paper. Tissue paper can be crumpled up to form objects, such as flowers by crumpling it around the tip of a pencil.

Tissue paper was used by musicians in the early 1900's to play the comb, producing a sound similar to the kazoo. Jazz musician Red McKenzie was one of the best-known players. [ [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=11:3zfqxqt5ldfe~T1 Red McKenzie] at Allmusic]

For production tissue paper for wrapping is made by the machine glaze process. A slurry of fiber is placed on a forming wire where the water is allowed to drain away. The sheet is then pressed against a felt and pressed against a drying cylinder for the final drying step. The sheet is then pulled away from the dryer and wound up ready for further converting into wrapping paper.

Tissue Paper

Hygenic tissue paper is commonly used for facial tissue, bathroom tissue and household towels. All of these products are made in a similar way. The traditional way of making tissue is very similar to the machine glaze process except the sheet is adhered to the surface of the dryer using adhesive. A creping blade is then used to scrape the sheet from the surface of the dryer. The paper made with the creping blade is referred to as "creped wadding." It is then wound up for further converting to other products.


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