Force (disambiguation)

Force (disambiguation)

Force is what causes mass to accelerate or become deformed.

Force may also refer to:

In science:
*Forcing (mathematics), a proof-technique of set theory
*Brute force method, proof by exhaustion in mathematics
*Fundamental force, an interaction between particles that cannot be explained by other interactions

In sports:
*Force play, a situation in baseball where the runner is compelled to advance to the next base
*Georgia Force, an Arena Football League team
*San Antonio Force, an Arena Football League team that played the 1992 season only
*Western Force, an Australian rugby union team in the Super 14
*FORCE (Formula One Race Car Engineering), a division of the Haas Lola Formula One team

In other uses:
*Force (cereal), a wheat flake cereal
*Force (comics), a character in the Marvel Comics Iron Man titles
*Force (law), unlawful violence or lawful compulsion
*Force, Italy, a municipality in Ascoli Piceno, Italy
*Force or Europe, a Swedish band
*In some contexts, "force" may be used as a synonym for coercion

ee also

*The Force (disambiguation)
*GeForce a PC graphics chipset
*nForce, a computer motherboard chipset
*High Force, a waterfall on the River Tees, England
*Task force (disambiguation)
*Coming into force
*Brute force (disambiguation)
*Special forces (disambiguation)
*Forcemeat, seasoned ground meat used as stuffing
*Energy (disambiguation)
*Equivocation (magic), a magician's technique sometimes called a "force"

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