An Ùlpan is an intensive course which teaches Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig.) They were developed from the highly successful Wlpan courses from Wales which were originally developed from the Ulpan courses from Israel. The course is hoped to be successful and, like Wales, increase the number of fluent adult speakers, which, in return, will hopefully increase the number of children able to go through Gaelic Medium Education. Many adult learners find that they can read and write Gaelic better than they can speak the language. With Ùlpan, speaking comes first, and reading and writing follow a little later, reinforcing the language learned. These courses can be taken in most of Scotland's large cities, and also in the Western Isles and Skye.

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* [http://www.cli.org.uk/ Clì Gaelic, the Scots Gaelic access and promotion organisation]

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