Sticky TV

Sticky TV

"Sticky TV" is a children's programme which airs on TV3 in New Zealand. It is hosted by Drew Neemia, Erin Simpson and Sam Wallace.

2008 Season

The 2008 Season aired with many new side-programs like Fashion Camp, Survival Camp and 'What Would You Do' which is a version of the 'Howzit' but renamed.

Fashion Camp

Fashion Camp first aired in the 2008 season. It follows 6 people (teams of 3) who go away for a weekend and try to create a masterpiece and win the prize.


Sticky-I also first aired in the 2008 season. Every Friday, 6 people (teams of 3) have to try and solve a crime by the end of the show. They are given only three clues and the winning team wins 200 dollars each.

ticky Stuff

Sticky Stuff is also new to the 2008 segments of Sticky TV. Every Monday, 6 people (teams of 3) are given a task which they have to complete by the end of the show. It can range from cooking, building, singing, dancing or inventing.

Kick It

Kick It did not first appear in the 2008 line-up of Sticky. This time 4 people, (teams of 2) are given clues as to where to go around Auckland City, and find places and clues until the final leg where the winning team will be determined.

Doggon Extreme

Doggon is not new to Sticky TV however it has been changed with new objectives and new name. It follows separate people who try to train their dogs weaknesses, whether it be always running away etc, and see if they have trained their dogs up enough for the dog to complete in a challenge.

urvival Camp

Survival camp began early in 2008 with two teams of three, Boys vs. Girls. Filmed at Camp Adair the teams take on challenges such as High ropes courses, raft making and bivi building

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