Beseech was the name of a Gothic metal band from Borås, Sweden. The group has disbanded and have actually formed two other bands, TWDSO (also known as Those We Don't Speak Of) and The Mary Major.


* Erik Molarin - vocals
* Lotta Höglin - vocals
* Robert Vintervind - guitar
* Manne Engström - guitar
* Jonas Strömberg - drums
* Mikael Back - keyboard
* Daniel Elofsson - bass guitar


* "... From A Bleeding Heart" (1998)
* "Black Emotions" (2000)
* "Souls Highway" (2002)
* "Drama" (2004)
* "Sunless Days" (2005)


*"Manmade dreams" (2000)
*"Between the lines" (2002)
*"Innerlane" (2005)
*"Beseech Gimme Gimme Gimme cover" (2006)

External links

* [ Official website]
* [ Official fan club]
* [ Beseech] at Napalm Records


* [ "Innerlane"] (2005) at Napalm Records (WMV)

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