Push is a verb, meaning "to apply a force to (an object) such that it moves away from the person or thing applying the force". It may also refer to:

In arts and media:
*"Push" (song), by Matchbox Twenty
*"Push" (Enrique Iglesias song), Enrique Iglesias song that features Lil Wayne from his album "Insomniac".
*"Push", a song by Madonna, from her album "Confessions on a Dance Floor"
*"Push", Ghostface Killah song that features Missy Elliott from his album "Bulletproof Wallets"
*"Push" (Bros album), a 1988 debut album by UK boy band Bros
*"Push" (Gruntruck album), a 1992 album by Gruntruck
*Push (2004 short film), a 2004 short film by Tricia Nolan
*Push (2006 film), a 2006 film
*Push (2009 film), a 2009 film by Paul McGuigan
*"Push, Nevada", a 2002 television series
*Sydney Push, an intellectual subculture in Sydney, Australia
*"Push!!", a Japanese magazine that covers eroge
*"Push" (TV series), a 1998 short lived TV series starring Jaime Pressly
*"Push", a song by Dio from the 2002 album "Killing the Dragon"
*"Push", a 1996 novel by Sapphire
*Push, a force power in the "Star Wars" universe
*Mike Dierickx, a Belgian DJ also known as Push
*PUSH (university guide), a company providing information of prospective university students in the UK.

In gambling:
*When the player and the dealer have the same point value in blackjack
*A game in sports betting that is tied when the point spread is factored in

In sports:
*Double push, an inline speed skating technique
*Push (professional wrestling), terminology used in professional wrestling

In technology:
*A command used to add an item to a stack in computer science
*Push e-mail, a method of email delivery for mobile devices
*Push technology, a method of content delivery in server technologies
*Push to talk, a method of conversing in telephony
*Push processing, a technique for increasing the speed of film in photography

*Cost push inflation, a type of inflation
*Rainbow/PUSH, a non-profit organization with social mission
*Rocks Push, a criminal gang operating in the The Rocks area of Sydney, Australia
* An uncontrollable outward push sensation or swelling, as in Ménière's disease
* Push the Talking Trash Can, a radio controlled robot found at several Disney theme parks, including Disneyland and Magic Kingdom

In DotA
*A term used for standing around and farming the map

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