Cheese on Toast

Cheese on Toast

Cheese on toast is a simple snack made by melting cheese on a slice of toast. It is a cheap meal served in greasy spoon / working class cafes throughout Britain. It is also enjoyed by many at home and is a particular favourite with students due to its simplicity and low price.


Cheese on toast consists of bread, either buttered or not, with a plain toasted side and grilled cheese on the other. It is commonly cooked using whatever ingredients are to hand. Melted cheddar cheese is especially greasy. A suitable topping is essential; the most basic being chopped onions (raw or grilled with the cheese) or tomato ketchup. Pickled cucumber, Branston pickle, fried tomatoes, worcestershire sauce and baked beans are also common. [ [ BBC recipe by James Martin] ] [ [ BBC recipe by Anthony Worrall Thompson] ] Another common variation is to add something to the toast before applying the cheese and melting under a grill, such as slices of apple or tomato, or a thin layer of the popular British yeast spread Marmite, mustard or tomato ketchup.

Cheese on toast hardly needs a recipe, as the method of preparation is readily apparent. It must however be made using a grill to melt the cheese onto the toast unless in possession of toaster bags made of teflon. [ [ Homemade Hot pockets] ]

Recipe books and internet articles therefore tend to elaborate on the basics, adding ingredients and specifying accompaniments to make more interesting reading. Consequently, published recipes seldom deal with the most basic form of the meal - and frequently refer to 'posh' cheese on toast when they mean rarebit. [ [ BBC recipe by Lesley Waters: cheese sauce on toast] ]

Although Cheddar cheese is the most common choice for cheese on toast, Lancashire cheese has been promoted by Lancashire dairies as the best cheese to use, in conjunction with a "National Cheese on Toast Day". [ [] British Cheese Board article, retrieved 15 January 2008 ]

Melted cheese dishes

Although often confused with Welsh rarebit (or rabbit), the two are quite different despite sharing some ingredients. Cheese on toast is just what it says, cheese on toast. The important thing about cheese on toast in this context is that it is not defined as a classic of haute cuisine and so, people can do anything they want with the idea and it's still called cheese on toast.

The American equivalent is the grilled cheese sandwich which has melted cheese between two slices of bread or toast.


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