Paolo may refer to:

* A typical Italian given name, Anglicized as Paul."
* The paolo was a papal silver coin, first struck during the 16th century under Pope Paul III and named after him. It circulated throughout the Papal States with a value roughly equivalent to the giulio. Similar coins were circulated locally in other Italian states; one was produced in Tuscany from the 16th to the 19th century.

People named Paolo


Football players

*Paolo Acerbis - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Barison - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Bianco - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Cannavaro - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Castellini - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo De Ceglie - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Di Canio - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Espiritu - Filipino soccer player
*Paolo Maldini - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Montero - Uruguayan football (soccer) player
*Paolo Negro - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Orlandoni - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Pulici - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Rossi - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Sammarco - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Seppani - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Vanoli - Italian football (soccer) player
*Paolo Vernazza- Italian-English football (soccer) player
*Paolo Pedretti - Italian- football player


*Paolo Barilla - Italian Formula One driver
*Paolo Bertolucci - Italian tennis player
*Paolo Bettini - Italian cyclist
*Paolo Camossi - Italian triple jumper
*Paolo Canè - Italian tennis player
*Paolo Corallini - Italian aikido specialist
*Paolo Della Bella - Swiss hockey player
*Paolo Roberto - Swedish boxer
*Paolo Savoldelli - Italian cyclist
*Paolo Tofoli - Italian volleyball player
*Paolo Vidoz - Italian boxer


:"Actors, artists, musicians & writers"


*Paolo Ballesteros - Filipino actor
*Paolo Bonacelli - Italian actor
*Paolo Iovannone - Canadian actor & singer
*Paolo Kernahan - Trinidad & Tobago news anchor
*Paolo Montalban - Filipino-American actor & singer
*Paolo Villaggio - Italian actor


*Paolo Cagliari, also known as Paolo Veronese - Italian Renaissance painter
*Paolo Uccello, an Italian painter
*Paolo di Giovanni Fei - Artist
*Paolo Verrucci - Film colorist


*Paolo Achenza - Italian jazz musician
*Paolo Agostini - Italian composer
*Paolo Bellasio - Italian composer
*Paolo Conte - Italian musician
*Paolo Fresu - Italian jazz musician
*Paolo Gregoletto - Italian bassist
*Paolo Nutini - Scottish singer-songwriter
*Paolo Pandolfo - Italian composer
*Paolo Quagliati - Italian composer
*Paolo Ravaglia - Italian musician
*Paolo da Firenze - Italian musician
*Paolo Virchi - Italian composer & instrumentalist


*Paolo Bacigalupi - Italian science fiction writer
*Paolo Ferrari - Italian dramatist
*Paolo Giovio - Italian historian
*Paolo Emiliano Giudici - Italian writer
*Paolo Giacometti - Italian dramatist
*Paolo Manalo - Filipino poet
*Paolo Sorrentino - Italian film director & screenwriter

Military officers

*Paolo Di Avitabile - Neapolitan general
*Paolo Thaon di Revel - Italian Navy Admiral


*Paolo Lucio Anafesto, an Italian politician
*Paolo Bollini - San Marinese politician
*Paolo Boselli - Italian Prime Minister
*Paolo Borsellino - Italian anti-Mafia magistrate
*Paolo Busti - Italian magistrate
*Paolo Costa - Italian parliamentarian
*Paolo De Castro - Italian politician
*Paolo Ferrero - Italian politician
*Paolo Gentiloni - Italian politician
*Paolo Guzzanti - Italian journalist & politician
*Paolo Giordano I Orsini - Grand Duke of Italy
*Paolo Paruta - Italian politician
*Paolo Oss Mazzurana - Italian politician
*Paolo Cirino Pomicino - Italian politician
*Paolo Emilio Taviani - Italian politician
*Paolo Treves - Italian socialist
*Paolo Troubetzkoy - Italian politician

Religious figures

*Paolo Marella - Cardinal, Roman Catholic Church
*Paolo Romeo - Archbishop, Palermo
*Paolo Scolari, also known as Pope Clement III
*Paolo Danei, more commonly known as St. Paul of the Cross



*Paolo Farinati - Italian architect
*Paolo Labisi - Italian architect
*Paolo Soleri - Italian architect
*Paolo Martinelli - Italian engineer
*Paolo Portoghesi - Italian architect


*Paolo Chiavenna - Italian astronomer
*Paolo Maffei - Italian astronomer
*Paolo Padovani - Italian astronomer


*Paolo Casati - Italian mathematician
*Paolo Frisi - Italian mathematician & astronomer
*Paolo Ruffini - Italian mathematician & philosopher
*Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli - Italian mathematician & astronomer


*Paolo Boccone - Italian botanist
*Paolo Gorini - Italian physicist
*Paolo Mantegazza - Italian neurologist
*Paolo Matthiae - Italian archaeologist
*Paolo Paruta aka Fra Paolo - Italian scientist
*Paolo Savi - Italian geologist


*Paolo Boi - Italian chess champion
*Paolo Nespoli - Italian astronaut
*Paolo Nalica - Famous Filipino

Fictional characters

*Paolo Cassius, a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam animated series
*Paolo Valisari, a teenage pop musician in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" played by Yani Gellman.
*Paolo (Dune), a character from the Dune universe
*Paolo, a hunky Italian neighbor appearing in several episodes as Rachel's boyfriend
*Paolo the pink elephant, a possible resident in the 2002 video game Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube.

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