Belo (disambiguation)

Belo (disambiguation)

Belo may refer to :
* Belo, a U.S. media company
* A. H. Belo, the current corporate owner of the newspapers formerly owned by Belo
* Belo sur Mer, a town and commune in Madagascar
* Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo (1948-), is a Roman Catholic bishop who received, together with José Ramos-Horta, the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize
* Belo Polje, a south Slavic toponym, meaning "white field"
* Belo pole, a small village in southwestern Bulgaria
* Sadh Belo and Din Belo, two islands downstream of Bukkur in India
* Belo Blato,
* Vicky Belo, a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines
* Belo Jegonfoy, one of the 21 woredas in the Benishangul-Gumuz Region of Ethiopia
* Belo Horizonte, a city in Brazil
* Campo Belo, city located in Minas Gerais state, in Brazil
* Belo Zero (1973-), an American rapper
* Belo Jardim, a Brazilian municipality
* Belo Monte, a municipality located in the western of the Brazilian state of Alagoas
* João Belo class frigate, a class of ships for the Portuguese navy
* António Mendes Belo (1842-1929), a Portuguese cardinal
* Felipe Dias da Silva dal Belo (1984-), a Brazilian football defender

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