Fate (comics)

Fate (comics)


caption="Fate" #1 (November 1994) featuring Jared Stevens, cover art by Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning.
real_name=Jared Stevens
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Fate" #0 (October 1994)
creators=John Francis Moore
Anthony Williams

powers=Jared Stevens possessed the following powers:
*Manipulates the magics of Order and Chaos.
*Enhanced strength and durability
*Immunity to all forms of magic
*Ability to see the fate (future) of others
*Ability to see past magical illusions
*Mental control over knife and ankh darts

Fate (Jared Stevens) is a fictional character that has appeared in various comic book series published by DC Comics. This character is closely connected to Doctor Fate and exists in DC's main shared universe, known as the DC Universe. He first appeared in "Fate" #0, the start of his own series.

Publication history

Fate's first appearance was the starting point for a new series, simply titled "Fate". Starting in 1994, the series ran for 23 issues before being cancelled. Fate would go on to star in the series "Book of Fate" (1997), one of four series that made up DC's Weirdoverse group of titles. The second series ended up lasting only 12 issues before it too was cancelled.

Fictional character biography

During the events of Zero Hour, Extant aged the original Doctor Fate (Kent and Inza Nelson) to their chronological ages and scattered their artifacts throughout various dimensions, where they eventually appeared in Egypt.

A grave robber named Jared Stevens was sent to collect the artifacts and bring them back to the United States. After he arrived in the U.S., Kent and Inza summoned Jared to their tower so they could reclaim the artifacts.

However, the artifacts rejected Kent and Inza after they claimed them from Jared. A demon called Kingdom sent two minions to the tower to take the artifacts so he could use them to open a portal between the Dreadlands and Earth.

Kingdom's minions appeared at the tower, killed the Nelsons and attempted to steal the artifacts. During the battle, Jared attempted to use the Amulet as a weapon, which then exploded and imbued him with various magical abilities and a red ankh tattoo over his right eye.

The tower was also destroyed during the battle and reduced to rubble. Jared's injuries forced him to use the cloak as a wrap for his right arm and melt the Helm down into a set of ankh-shaped darts and a dagger.

Jared eventually drove the demons away and was then summoned by Nabu, the Lord of Order who controlled the previous Doctor Fates in the past. Nabu attempted to make Jared the new Doctor Fate, but Jared refused and Nabu vanished.

Eventually, Jared reluctantly accepted his role as Earth's mystical defender. Acting as a balance between Order and Chaos, Jared took the name Fate. During his battles, he teams up with the supernaturally powered team of fugitives Scare Tactics, the demon Etrigan and other forces to combat threats from the realm of Gemworld.

Jared was later murdered by Mordru, who was attempting to kill all the agents of Chaos and Order and claim Fate’s artifacts for himself. He appeared at Wesley Dodds' funeral, and with his dying breath, warned the Justice Society of America that both he and Wesley Dodds had been murdered by "The Dark Lord."

After Jared's equipment reverted back to its original forms and returned to the Tower of Fate, the newly revived Hector Hall was able to take over the role of Fate as the new Dr. Fate.


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