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name = Lady!!

caption = Book cover of Lady!! vol. 06 by Youko Hanabusa
ja_name = レディ!!
ja_name_trans = Redi!!
genre = Historical drama, Romance, Slice of life story
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author = Youko Hanabusa
publisher = flagicon|Japan Akita Shoten
demographic = Shōjo
magazine = Hitomi Comics
first = 1987
last = 1993
volumes = 12
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title = Lady Lady!!
director = Hiroshi Shidara
studio = Toei Animation Co., Ltd.
network = flagicon|Japan TBS
flagicon|Philippines ABS-CBN, QTV 11
first = October 21, 1987
last = March 23, 1988
episodes = 21
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title = Related works
content = *Hello! Lady Lynn (2nd Season)

nihongo|Lady!!|レディ!!|Redi!! is a Japanese shōjo manga by Youko Hanabusa . It was published by Akita Shoten in the magazine "Hitomi Comics" from 1987 to 1993 and collected in 12 tankoubon volumes. The manga series was adapted into two anime television series, entitled, "Lady Lady!!" and its sequel "Hello! Lady Lynn", produced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

The first season of the anime series, entitled nihongo|Lady Lady!!|レディレディ!!|Redi Redi!! consists of 21 episodes and was aired from October 21, 1987 to March 23, 1988 on TBS. It is a standard anime series that has some similarities with the "Candy Candy" tradition. Fact|date=May 2008


The story starts off when young Lynn and her mother travel from Japan to meet Lynn's father, Viscount George Marble, who lives in England. On their way to the Marble Mansion, Lynn and her mother get into a tragic car accident in which Lynn's mother loses her life. When Lynn wakes up in the hospital, the truth about her mother's death is kept as a secret from her since her father cannot bear to bring her such grief.

Soon after Lynn moves to her father's care to the Marble Mansion where she encounters a miscellaneous cast of servants, most of whom are charmed by Lynn's adorableness. Lynn also finds out that she isn't the only child of Viscount Marble - she meets her elder stepsister, Sarah, whose mother has also passed away. At first Sarah seems cold and distant towards her new younger sister, because she fears that Lynn's open and cheerful personality will win over the attention of their father as well as the two handsome young men who live nearby.

After various events, the two sisters finally form a strong bond. Then problems arise with the arrival of the scheming Wibberleys who take it upon themselves to run the household in the Marble Mansion while the Viscount Marble is away.

The motherless little girl tries to accommodate to the high society life and get the approval of the nobility. Her greatest wish is to become what her mother hoped her to be - a true Lady.


;nihongo|Lynn Russell|リン・ラッセル|Rin Rasseru :anime voices|Sanae Miyuki :Heroine of the series. Lynn is a cheerful and innocent 5-year-old Anglo-Japanese girl who wishes to be accepted by her new family. Though she is half-English and half-Japanese descent, her appearance is predominantly English, especially having a wavy blonde hair. Hailing from Japan, her original name was nihongo|Rin Midorikawa|緑川 鈴|Midorikawa Rin, when she was still living there with her mother and her grandparents.

:Her mother died from a car accident while protecting Lynn and wasn't told the truth until Baroness Magdalene coldly told about it. She holds her mother's keepsake, the Lady's Key and promised that she'll persevere to become a true Lady. Lynn loves and cares for her father and sister so much that she is willing to make sacrifices even her own happiness just for their sake. She has a pet kitten named Queen.

;nihongo|Sarah Frances Russell|セーラ・フランシス・ラッセル|Sēra Furanshisu Rasseru :anime voices|Chieko Honda :Sarah is Lynn’s beautiful elder stepsister. She is 5 years older than Lynn. Cold and distant at their first meeting, Sarah is actually kind and caring. Gradually, she treats Lynn as if she is her own real younger sister, spurred on by their same state of being motherless, and defends her from the abuses of the Wibburys.

:Unlike Lynn, Sarah doesn't have any memory of her mother since she died before she could even remember. Her mother's only keepsake is the flute and the musical score. She is very good at painting and an excellent flute-player. She has feelings for Arthur and is conscious of Lynn every time she saw them together.

;nihongo|Arthur Drake Brighton|アーサー・ドレイク・ブライトン|Āsā Doreiku Buraiton :anime voices|Ryo Horikawa :Arthur is the eldest son and heir of the noble Brighton family. He is also Edward's elder brother. Calm and reserved, Arthur is an excellent equestrian and together with his noble steed, Alessandra, wins a competition hosted by the equestrian club in the course of the series. He and Sarah have been friends long before Lynn arrived in England. He also personifies Lynn's idea of a fairy tale prince.

;nihongo|Edward Brighton|エドワード・ブライトン|Edowādo Buraiton :anime voices|Hidehiro Kikuchi :Edward is Arthur’s younger brother. Energetic and playful, Edward is very protective of Lynn and would do anything for her sake. Though he can ride horses like his brother, he cannot ride Alessandra since the latter refuses to be rode on by anyone except Arthur and Lynn. Later of the sereies, Edward manages to ride on Alessandra to stop Lynn from going back to Japan.

;nihongo|George Russell|ジョージ・ラッセル|Jōji Rasseru :anime voices|Hideyuki Tanaka :George Richard Russell is the Viscount Marble and Lynn and Sarah’s father. Gentle and kind, he loves his children dearly and will do anything for their sakes. He is away on business trips a lot in order to pay back the money he owed to the bank for his businesses, with the Marble Mansion as the collateral. George works hard to the point of endangering his health. He is pressured by his father, the Duke Worban, to marry the Baroness Wibbury to pay off his debts.

;nihongo|Frances Russell|フランシス・ラッセル|Furanshisu Rasseru :Frances is the first wife of the Viscount Marble and Sarah's mother. She has a kind and gentle personality and cares her loved ones very much. She died when Sarah was very young so Sarah does not have any memory of her. She and George met in college and rode horses together with their friends. She is also an excellent flute-player. Her portrait hangs in the Marble Mansion. Throughout the series, she is seen as the ideal Lady, both by Lynn and Sarah.

;nihongo|Misuzu Midorikawa|緑川 美鈴|Midorikawa Misuzu :anime voices|Keiko Yokozawa :Misuzu is Lynn’s mother. She met George when he was in Japan for a business trip. She also has a similar personality as his late wife and a reason why he chose her. She died from a car accident while protecting Lynn from harm. Her wish for Lynn is for her to become a true Lady.

;nihongo|Magdalene Wibberley|モードリン・ウィバリー|Mōdorin Wibarī :anime voices|Eiko Masuyama :Baroness Magdalene Wibbury plays the antagonist of the story together with her children, Thomas and Mary. She wants to marry the Viscount Marble in order for her family to be incorporated in the nobility. She turns a blind eye to her children's wrongdoings while heaping the blame on Lynn. She is very wealthy and is capable of paying off George's debts.

;nihongo|Thomas Wibberley|トマス・ウィバリー|Tomasu Wibarī :anime voices|Keiichi Nanba :Thomas is the older of the Wibbury siblings. He is a mean boy who, together with his sister Mary, enjoys tormenting Lynn. He has a penchant of playing with his pistol and shooting the roses and Mary's cat, Prince. He is also a habitual liar. However, he is quite cowardly and runs away when his pranks are found out.

;nihongo|Mary Wibberley|メアリ・ウィバリー|Meari Wibarī :anime voices|Mayumi Shou :Mary is the younger of the Wibbury siblings. Like her brother, she enjoys making Lynn miserable. Although unlike Thomas, she experiences pangs of conscience when her pranks go too far. She owns a cat named Prince but she is sometimes mean to him.

;nihongo|Duke Worban|ウォーバン公爵|Wōban-koushaku :anime voices|Kouji Totani :Richard Worban is the father of the Viscount Marble. Brooding and serious, he refuses to recognize Lynn as a member of the family because of her family background. He is pressuring George to marry the Baroness Wibbury to solve his money problems, to the point of offering to accept Lynn into the family if he does.

;nihongo|Isabel Montgomery|イザベル・モンゴメリ|Izaberu Mongomeri :anime voices|Nana Yamaguchi :Isabel is Richard's younger sister and the Countess Montgomery. A contrast with her brother, she is kind and understanding. She is charmed by Lynn's adorableness when they first meet. She subtly tries to make Richard more accepting of Lynn.

;nihongo|Robert|ロバート|Robāto :anime voices|Masahru Satou :Robert is the household butler at Marble Mansion.

;nihongo|Brenda|ブレンダ|Burenda :anime voices|Reiko Suzuki :She is the head maid working at Marble Mansion.

;nihongo|Jill|ジル|Jiru :anime voices|Shino Kakinuma :A young maid working at Marble Mansion.

;nihongo|Tom|トム|Tomu :anime voices|Kouhei Miyauchi :Tom is the gardener working at Marble Mansion.

;nihongo|Prince|プロンス|Puronsu :anime voices|Noriko Uemura :Prince is Mary's Persian breed pet cat. Playful and mischievous, he is often used by Mary as a tool in her schemes against Lynn. Though often treated kindly by Lynn, Prince is persistently causing trouble for her. He often picks on Lynn's pet cat Queen. Later of the series, he was disowned by his owner and was adopted by Lynn.

List of Episodes


Opening Theme
*:Lyrics by: Masumi Kawamura
*:Composition and arrangement by: Katsuhisa Hattori
*:Song by: Shonentai (Warner Pioneer)

Ending Theme
*nihongo|"The Moonlight for Only Two"|ふたりだけのムーンライト|Futari dake no Mūnraito
*:Lyrics by: Masumi Kawamura
*:Composition and arrangement by: Katsuhisa Hattori
*:Song by: Shonentai (Warner Pioneer)

Insert Theme
*nihongo|"Hello Lady"|ハロー・レディ|Harō Redi
*:Lyrics by: Takashi Matsumoto
*:Composition by: Kazuo Zaitsu
*:Arrangement by: Akira Nishihira
*:Song by: Naoko Shimada (Columbia Records)


*Director: Hiroshi Shidara
*Producer: Kazuo Yokoyama, Hiromi Seki, Hiroshi Inoue
*Episode Director: Toshihiko Arisako, Yasuo Yamayoshi
*Character Design: Kazuhiro Ochi
*Art Design: Takao Sawada
*Storyline: Tomoko Konparu
*Planning: Hiromi Seki, Kazuo Yokoyama
*Production Manager: Yoshiro Sugawara
*Music: Kouhei Tanaka
*Production Company: Toei Animation Co., Ltd., TBS

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