Actinomycosis in animals

Actinomycosis in animals

Actinomycosis in animals is caused by "Actinomyces bovis" (whereas human infections are usually due to "A. israelii").

It is a quite common condition in cattle, where it is referred to as "lumpy jaw" (english) or "senfed" (moroccan arabic).

But it can also occur in horses, swine, and dogs (rarely in sheep).

In all these species, it results in cold abcess, with granulomatous formations on the fistulised place.

Actinomycosis in cattle

It is a common conditions in weaned calves and young bulls and heifers.

The disease has a chronical course, and the general condition can remain quite good.

There is a swelling of the maxilla and mandible. Fistulisation occurs after some days, leaving a thick, yellowish, non-odorous pus, with mineralised, 2 to 5 mm grains therein.

Later on, a granuloma will form on the place of fistulisation.

The bony lesions are followed by periostitis, with permanent deformation of the facial bones.

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