Tommy Ross

Tommy Ross

Thomas "Tommy" Everett Ross is one of the main characters in the horror novel "Carrie" by Stephen King.

In both of the two film adaptations, as in the book, Tommy is asked from his girlfriend Sue Snell to take Carrie White to the prom instead of her, as she feels guilty for taunting Carrie in the showers of the school locker-room who acted hysterically at her late first period. Tommy, at first, is very reluctant but then co-operates and asks Carrie at the prom, who (as Tommy) at first disagrees. At the night of the prom, he realizes he has fallen in love with Carrie.

In the book, in a comparison between the case of the murders committed by Carrie White and the murder of John F. Kennedy, Tommy's role in the catastrophe is noted to be the one of Lee Harvey Oswald.

In film, he was played by William Katt and Tobias Mehler.


In the novel, Tommy is a popular jock athlete of Thomas Ewen High School, dating Sue Snell for six months and becoming lovers two weeks prior. The two of them have prepared early for the prom night, but when Sue (after participating in Carrie's locker room humiliation) feels guilty for the incident, asks for Tommy to take her to the prom in her place. Tommy, who had felt similar guilt when he kicked Danny Patrick after this kid was bit by Pete Tuber, reluctantly agrees.

Carrie, at first, refuses Tommy's invitation to the prom, but later agrees and sews her own dress for the prom. After they arrive at the prom, they see they are on the nominating ballot for Prom Queen and King Election. Tommy votes for themselves, and one more time on their rematch with Frank and Jessica. When Vic Mooney announces them king and queen, they get on stage and are crowned. While Tommy and Carrie are seated on their thrones, Chris Hargensen and her boyfriend Billy Nolan (who plan to humiliate Carrie in her only happy moment of her life) yank the cord connected with two buckets up the stage and drench them with pigs blood. One bucket falls onto Tommy, mortally striking his temple which renders him unconscious. He dies when an explosion occurred hours later.

1976 film

In the "1976 version" of the novel, he is portrayed by William Katt as a handsome, blond young teenager with pleasant image.

As in the novel, he is popular athlete jock and boyfriend to Sue Snell (Amy Irving), asks Carrie (Sissy Spacek) for becoming his date on prom night (after Sue asks him to do it). He and his friends George Dawson and Freddy Holt (a.k.a. The Beak) visit a store and buys an unusual tuxedo for the prom. He ends up at the prom, meeting with George and his girlfriend Frieda Jason. When Chris (Nancy Allen) and Billy (John Travolta) pull the cord connected to the bucket of blood, the most blood drenches Carrie. Tommy is infuriated, but before he can react, the bucket falls onto his head and knocks him unconscious (not hitting him dead as in the novel). Carrie snaps completely, closes every door in the gym and chaos ensues. Miss Collins (Betty Buckley) gathers senior president Ernest Peterson, George, The Beak, Frieda and another teacher in order to remove him from the catastrophe. After Carrie kills Miss Collins, it is unknown if the group got Tommy out but it is implied (from Mrs. Snell at the ending) that he died.

1988 musical

In 1988 the property was adapted into a musical by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Tommy Ross was again depicted as dating Sue Snell and at her request taking Carrie to the prom. In both the London production and the Broadway transfer the character was played by Paul Gygnell. Tommy's songs in the show include "Don't Waste the Moon" and "Do Me a Favour" (with Sue and others), "Wotta Night" (with Carrie and chorus) and the solo number "Heaven."

2002 film

In the "2002 version", he is portrayed by Tobias Mehler.

As in the novel and the previous film, he is a popular athlete jock and boyfriend of Sue Snell (Kandyse McClure), asked to take Carrie (Angela Bettis) to the prom after she taunts her along with others in the shower-period incident. The fact that she and Sue have recently became lovers is mentioned and his confrontation with Sue about why taking Carrie to the prom are shown (elements the previous film didn’t use). He asks Carrie as his date and she (after signs of unbelief) accepts. Tommy comes at her house the night of the prom with a limousine and arrive at the prom, meeting with his friend Roy Evarts (Steve Byers) and Roy’s girlfriend and Sue’s friend Helen Shyres (Chelan Simmons). Miss Desjarden (Rena Sofer) warns him that if any of his purposes are to humiliate Carrie, she will see that he will be punished. After dancing with Carrie in a short romantic moment, they vote for themselves for Prom Queen and King when Tina Blake (Katharine Isabelle) hands the ballots. When announced that they have won, they get on stage are crowned, while Chris and Billy wait in agony to pull the cord connected to the bucket. When Chris (Emilie de Ravin) pulls it, the blood drenches Carrie and fleeing, Chris lets the cord go and the bucket hits Tommy on the head, knocking him down (unknown if dead or unconscious). Helen, Roy, Miss Desjarden and Principal Morton get onstage to help him. Carrie snaps and uses her telekinetic powers to slam the doors of the gym and trap everyone inside, unleashing her rage for revenge. Roy and Helen carry Tommy outside, while it is still unknown if he was indeed dead or unconscious.

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