The Skoda Tarasnice or Type T-21 is a Czechoslovakian 82 mm calibre smooth-bore recoilless gun firing fin stabilised projectiles. This recoilless gun was designed to defeat armored targets, enemy fortifications and shelters.

It comes with a very light carriage, Equipped with two light, easy removable wheels and a tow yoke at the muzzle simplify "manpower transport", transport on vehicles are possible. In addition the weapon can be positioned by mounted contactors on the transport vehicle. This recoilless gun can be found on some variants of the OT-62 in role of light cannon.

For operation and transport two men are used: One carries the weapon, the other one the ammunition. One shoots particularly in lying position. Since the weapon weighs relatively little, one can put and shoot it also at the shoulder.

The Tarasnice have a 1204 mm long barrel and fires a 2.13 kg HEAT projectile with a muzzle velocity of 267 meters per second to an effective range of 457 meters capable of penetrating 228 mm of armour.The ammunition consists of projectile and propellant. As usual loaded from rear.The pistol grasp with the departure mechanism was attached briefly approximately in the center of the pipe, a further hand grip before it.

The Vision equipment consist of a mechanical Sight and an optical telescope. The mechanical sight can be used for 100 m to 300 m distance with a division of 50 metres, optical telescope from 100 m to 600 m distance with each case 100 m distance are adjusted.The optical telescope is folded to the side in the case of transport.

The most favorable employment range of fire with direct laying amounts to 300m, the maximum range of fire with indirect laying 2800 m. Moving armoured targets can successfully be fought to 300m, immovable to 600 m distance.


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