Treasurer-depute of Scotland

Treasurer-depute of Scotland

The Treasurer-depute was a senior post in the pre-Union government of Scotland.

Originally a deputy to the Treasurer, the Treasurer-depute emerged as a separate Crown appointment by 1614. Its holder attended the Privy Council in the absence of the Treasurer, but gained independent membership of the Council in 1587 and sat in the Parliament of Scotland as a Great Officer of State in 1593 and from 1617 onwards.

List of Treasurers-depute


*1584: Sir Robert Melville
*1622–1631: Archibald Napier, 1st Lord Napier
*1661–1671: William Bellenden, 1st Lord Bellenden
*1671–1682?: Charles Maitland, Lord Haltoun
*1682–1684: John Drummond
*1684–1686?: John Keith, 1st Earl of Kintore
*1687–1689: Richard Maitland, Viscount Maitland
*1690–1698: Alexander Melville, Lord Raith
*1699–1703: Adam Cockburn of Ormiston, Lord Ormiston
*1703: David Boyle, 1st Earl of Glasgow

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