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ja_name = ブラスレイター
ja_name_trans = Burasureitā
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title =
director = Ichiro Itano
studio = Gonzo, Nitroplus
network = flagicon|Japan AT-X, Chiba TV, Sun TV, TV Kanagawa, TV Saitama
first = April 5, 2008
last = September 27, 2008
episodes = 24
episode_list = List of Blassreiter episodes
Infobox animanga/Manga
title = Blassreiter -genetic-
author = Gonzo & Nitroplus (original work)
Noboru Kimura (script)
Shū Hirose (art)
publisher = flagicon|Japan Akita Shoten
demographic = Shōnen
magazine = Champion Red
first = November 19 2007
last = ongoing
volumes = 1
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light = yes
title = Blassreiter Judgement
author = Gonzo & Nitroplus (original work)
Chiyo Momose (author)
illustrator = Niθ
publisher = flagicon|Japan Kadokawa Shoten
label = Sneaker Bunko
demographic = Male
first = July 1 2008
last =
volumes = 1

nihongo|"Blassreiter"|ブラスレイター|Burasureitā is a 2008 Japanese anime from the animation studio Gonzo and the multimedia studio Nitro+. The title literally means "Pale Rider" [ [ Anime.Mikomi's Blassreiter Page.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.] . A manga titled "Blassreiter -genetic-" is serialized in Champion Red magazine.

Along with , this series is officially broadcast with English subs on the video websites YouTube, Crunchyroll, and BOST TV. [ [ Gonzo Works to be Streamed Simultaneously with Airing.] Retrieved on September 19, 2008.]


The story is set in a fictional Germany and centers around the outbreak of biomechanical creatures named "Demoniacs", who rise from corpses and attack people mindlessly [ [ BOST TV's Blassreiter Story Page.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.] . The Demoniacs have the ability to merge with most technology including cars and motorcycles. Against them is a group of people known as XAT, who police these Demoniacs in an attempt to keep the peace and discover the reasons for the "Demoniac" change. However, all the while, one will rise above all other Demoniacs to become the "Blassreiter" despite those who use the powers for either good or evil [ [ Introduction, Official Blassreiter Page.] Retrieved on October 6, 2008.] .


Main Characters

Joseph Jobson: anime voices|Masaya Matsukaze A demoniac hunter that appeared at the race circuit; although he does not attack human beings, he still became one of XAT's prioritized targets and spends the first half of the series as a lone, mysterious figure being hunted by both Amalgams and the police force. He is often seen either talking to Elea or whittling a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Joseph Jobson was an Outsider that had been adopted by a church after his parents died frozen to death, using their last bit of body heat to keep him alive in front of the church. He spent his childhood in a tightly-knit community, helping the priest look after the other orphans' needs, tend to their home and helping people in need. After the nearby Jever river overflowed, the church became crowded with homeless citizens and wounded seeking refuge - the agitation eventually driving the old priest (who also was Joseph's paternal figure) to death by exhaustion. It was shortly thereafter that he met Magwald Xargin - then an enthusiastic researcher hoping to distribute medication to the impoverished population. It was through Xargin (and his hospitalization after the church was burned by xenophobic citizens) that Joseph met his elder sister, Alexandra 'Sasha' Jobson. For the next few weeks, Joseph developed a close friendship with Xargin, with whom he shared a deep desire to help those in need. However, the medication they provided to the bereaved population and Outsiders (even going as far as trying to smuggle them out of Xargin and Sasha's university - then led by Victor Statchus) proved ineffective and one night, Sasha was beaten to death by Outsider-hating citizens. It was then, through the letter that she had left behind, that Joseph learned that Sasha's research was primarily focusing on military-oriented cybernetics.

After Xargin rebelled against Victor, Joseph tried to stop his erstwhile friend and was mortally wounded - however, in a last plea, Joseph tried to convince Xargin that life was still worth living. In response, the former scientist infected the teen with nanomachine-infested blood, turning him into an amalgam. The next day, Victor Statchus gave him the GARM motorcycle and entrusted him with tracking down the now renegade Magwald Xargin.

Because he had been given Xargin's blood, Joseph is considered as a good candidate for the role of Blassreiter (the strongest Amalgam ever in existence); however, his extraordinary sense of self-control allows him to retain his sanity, at the cost of remaining weaker than other, more 'open-minded' opponents like Xargin or Beatrice.

Years later, Joseph, now with a trademark scar running across his right eye, appeared at the circuit where Gerd Frentzen was competing in order to intercept a runaway Amalgam. The pursuit ends almost in tragedy and turns Gerd into an Amalgam. The change earns him both Gerd and Hermann's anger and although he only attacks Amalgams, he becomes one of XAT's primary targets (he then becomes known as 'Blue' due to his body color). It was after one of his run-ins with the police forces that he befriends Malek, Amanda's adopted brother, with whom he shares similar experiences of bullying and social isolation. Although Malek eventually becomes an Amalgam to sate his desire for justice, he nevertheless tries to bring the young boy back to his senses, even going as far as taking a bullet intended for him. Both were later captured by XAT and brought in for examination.

Joseph's arrest was short-lived, though, as Elea freed him from the laboratory and allowed him to leave the compound in the middle of an Amalgam breakout. He later meets with Amanda, then (apparently) the only XAT survivor, before the two are taken in by the highly secretive Zwölf organization. He is then reunited with the revived Sasha (who now bore white hair and a cybernetic implant in her left eye) and agrees to receiving the Pale Horse physical enhancement program, which will theoretically allow him to develop greater strength at the cost of his own self-control. The experiment later proves successful, turning himself into a berserker-like Blassreiter, with red outlines instead of blue ones. But in berserker state, haunted by illusions, Joseph can't tell the difference between friend or foe, even attacking Sasha and Amanda. Only Snow was able later bring him to his senses, while sustaining heavy injuries. After the confrontation with Snow Joseph fights outside Zwölf's base with Beatrice. He nearly kills her, but Xargin interrupts and destroys the pale horseman. Saying that the power Joseph had was fake. Later Joseph was taken along with Malek to a saver place to recover from injuries. In episode 23 Joseph wakes up. He then heads to where Xargin is. He commands Elea to take Malek to a safer place. And is about to start a fight with Xargin.

In his Amalgam form, Joseph can make use of an energy whip, which he can also turn into a narrow-bladed sword. He also uses the GARM motorcycle (masquerading as a Yotsubishi custom model), which he can fuse with once in his Amalgam form. His berserker form grants him increase in power and speed, making even hordes of ordinary amalgam just a hindrance.

Amanda Werner: anime voices|Shizuka ItōA female officer of XAT. She is Hermann's partner, and Malek's adoptive sister. She is hesitant in her orders to kill Blue/Joseph, and after Malek is turned into a Demoniac, attempts to stop XAT from finding him. When almost all XAT officers and civilian personnel were killed/turned to Amalgams, Amanda is forced to abandon her headquarters in order to seek refuge.

Hermann Saltza: anime voices|Kenta MiyakeGerd's friend and a officer of XAT. He often defends Gerd and is angered by those who distrust him. Because he saw Blue/Joseph kill Gerd, he has a deep grudge against him. He often defies orders to do what he thinks is right. He dies in a helicopter crash after telling Amanda to eject on a Paladin. He is brought back later as an Demoniac searching for Amanda. He eventually steals the prototype "666" bike and flees from Zwolf HQ. He undergoes a lone search for Wolf just to end his twisted ways. In episode 19, he kills Wolf with the help of revived Alvin. After helping Amanda rescue Malek from Zwölf, he and Amanda take refuge in an orphanage owned by Amanda's aunt, taking an injured Joseph and a comatose Malek with them. In episode 22, he senses Beatrice approaching the orphanage, intent on getting the data for Isis. He leaves alone to deal with her. Upon meeting Beatrice, he learns that she was the one responsible for Gerd and Malek's fate. After engaging in a fierce battle, he was able to win with the help of the awakened Malek. At the last moment, Beatrice made her last attack on Malek, before succumbing to her wounds. Hermann takes the hit for Malek, and dies in Amanda's arms after he asked Malek if he could have been a good brother to him.

Gerd Frentzen: anime voices|Unshou IshizukaA famed motorcycle racer with white hair. Due to a Demoniac attack, he was rendered paralyzed from the waist down. After taking a drug from Beatrice he regains the use of his legs and acquires the ability to turn into a demoniac. In this form he is armed with two boomerangs on his back and can generate blades of energy from various points on his body. However, he is plagued by visions where everything he sees looks like a demoniac, resulting in Gerd eventually spiraling into madness. He meets with Joseph and tells him to stop him if he loses control again and that he just wants to race with his best friend again. After meeting Malek, he races with Hermann, but loses control again and is killed by Joseph. He dies in Hermann's arms.

Elea: anime voices|Kana HanazawaPossibly an A.I. who informs Joseph of possible demoniac outbreaks. She is capable of controlling Joseph's bike (the Garm), and often calls Demoniac forms beautiful.



* Wolf Göring: anime voices|Fumihiko TachikiThe team leader and field commander of XAT. He later finds out that he has become an Amalgam after being wounded by a Demoniac and becomes a Amalgam, despite not having direct contact with its blood. After infecting most of XAT Wolf reveals his Demoniac form and kills Brad and Al, but not before trying to win them over. He apparently is destroyed when Meifong bombs the city, but is shown to have survived. Although he is completely committed to Xargin and Beatrice's war, he still shows some desire to keep his friends alive and unsuccessfully tried to entice them into becoming Amalgams. Even after their deaths, he still tried to convert them by using his own blood as infection vector but only succeeded in reviving Alvin. Wolf is killed by Hermann and Amanda but with help from Alvin who blows Wolf head off which leaves him for near dead.

* Bradley Guildford: anime voices|Yuuichi NakamuraXAT's sniper, who use anti-armor rifles to kill Amalgams. He became an Amalgam after he got injured during the escape from XAT's HQ church, and was killed in the hands of Wolf Goring. Later, his body disintegrates along with Lene Clavier when Wolf attempted to revive them using his Demoniac blood.

* Alvin Lutz: anime voices|Nobuyuki HiyamaXAT's second sniper, who also uses anti-armor rifles to kill Amalgams. He became an Amalgam just like Bradley Guildford, and was killed in the hands of Wolf Goring. Later, his body had been turned into a sharpshooting Amalgam when Wolf Goring gave some of his blood to him. Alvin helps Wolf along the way with sniping down the Apocalypse Knight's missiles. In episode 19 he remembers what Wolf did to him and his comrades. After that he was able to stop Wolf by sniping Wolf in the head in his Demoniac form. After realizing his supposed death, he ultimately killed himself with his own sniper.

* Victor Stachus: anime voices|Atsushi OnoHead of the XAT task force. Disbands the group after he finds out that Wolf had infected most of its personnel as Demoniacs. In episode 14, he is responsible for the creation of the nano machines. He gave Joseph the bike to track down Xargin. He was in the same university as Sasha and Xargin, as a university administrator before he created XAT to handle the Demoniac problems that Xargin had unleashed after he found out that Xargin used Sasha's nanomachines to turn to a Blassreiter. He is also a member of the secret society, Zwölf. During the Amalgam invasion, he tried to engage the protection system but is found & ultimately killed by Xargin. In episode 23 Victor is seen alive. And goes mad and think he's going to be the ruler of this world.

* Meifong Liu: anime voices|Aya EndōXAT's communications and tactical specialist. Stays with Wolf in the Fennek armored vehicle during XAT-led operations in the field. She is revealed to be a double agent, working for Victor and Zwölf. She pilots the Scale Rider, a multipurpose aircraft that doubles both as a bomber and a transport system for the other Zwölf machines. It was revealed that she is the granddaughter of Victor Stachus. In the final episode, she is revealed as a clone due to her complications of her very limited life span.

Alexandra 'Sasha' Jobson: anime voices|Hitomi NabatameRevealed to be Joseph's biological sister, also an Outsider. She was assumed to be deceased, but was shown to be alive in episode 14 after her story was revealed. Her left eye is green, and artificial, while her real right eye is red, which implies that she has lost her eye after the beating in Joseph's flashback. Lastly, her hair is no longer blonde, like her previous form, but silver-like gray. Her altered appearance is an effect of the reconstruction of her body. Sasha, like Xargin, had been studying in the same university was a researcher studying the potential use of nanomachines for medicine before she was badly beaten after Victor Stachus used her work to make Xargin into a Blassreiter. She is now a member of Zwölf and pilots the Bow Rider, a giant bipedal mecha with giant cannons on its forearms. In episode 23, she is seen fending off satellite missiles that are about to scorch Germany, she is expected to die soon.

Beatrice Grese: anime voices|Sayaka OharaA mysterious doctor that works at Clermont Medical Hospital who gave Gerd Frentzen a pill of demoniac blood that would cure his paralaysis under the condition that he would keep it confidential. Beatrice gives Malek a pill as well. Her intentions seem to revolve around the Amalgams which she claims are "evolved" humans. It is later revealed that she is a Demoniac. She may have obtained some information about the nano machines from Xargin. Beatrice is attacked by Apocalypse Knights which leaves her wounded, she also disowns Wolf Göring when he loses control of the Demoniacs. During the invasion of Zwölf, she was severely wounded by Joseph in his enhanced form, but was saved by Xargin. She was later left to take care of the Zwölf castle as Xargin left. Later Beatrice founds out that the Isis files are missing and heads to where Amanda and Hermann are. She is then confronted by Hermann in the forest and tells him that she's responsible for what happen to Gerd and Malek.They engage into a fierce battle. Beatrice is eventually defeated by Hermann with the help of Malek.

Magwald Xargin: anime voices|Junichi SuwabeA mysterious person who has a Blassreiter symbol on his hand, though it seems he can access his powers without reverting to Demoniac form. He shares a past with Joseph, and it is implied that he was the one who turned Joseph into a Demoniac. His goal is to reform the world, and severely wounds Joseph and Malek in an abandoned church. He had been conducting humanitarian work while being a medical student intern to being a Blassreiter after he encountered harsh racism by the Germans against Outsiders. His powers demonstrate the ability of combustion even without being a Blassreiter. He actually made Joseph into a demoniac in the latter's younger days by giving his blood and pouring his blood into the mouth.

During the Zwölf invasion, he saved Beatrice by defeating Joseph, & entered the castle on his own. He then made his way to the database center, destroying all Paladins in his way & nearly killing Shido in a Paladin. He then killed Victor Stachus in the nerve center.

Malek Yildrim Werner: anime voices|Junko MinagawaAmanda Werner's adopted brother and an ardent fan of Gerd Frentzen. Constantly bullied at his school for being an Outsider, he ends up skipping classes. It is suggested he already tried to drop out of school prior to the events in the series but had a counselor help him back on tracks - only for him to fall victim to the same bullies. It is during one of those encounters that he meets Joseph, with whom he shares similar childhood experiences. He later takes care of Joseph after he's wounded during a fight with XAT. Distraught by Gerd's destroyed reputation and one of his friend's deaths (who also got suffered from the same bullies' actions), he receives a pill from Beatrice and becomes a Demoniac bent on revenge against those who prey on the innocent. He later kills his tormentors, eventually becoming one of XAT's (secondary) targets - earning himself the codename 'Yellow'. He later regrets killing the bullies and, after Joseph is wounded, unsuccessfully tries to defend him from Xargin, resulting in serious injuries. He then lapses into a coma, from which he seemingly can't be brought back from unless he is 'convinced' that the world has become a safer place. After some encouragement from Hermann, he wakes up and saves Amanda and helps Hermann to defeat Beatrice. Later on he goes to confront Xargin to buy some time for completing Isis. He then gets beaten up by Xargin for the second time. When Joseph's arrives he says to Elea to bring Malek to a safer place.

Shido Kasagi: anime voices|Unshou IshizukaA member of Zwölf and a cyborg. Although he appears gruff at first sight (he tried to test Amanda's resolve by badmouthing her deceased XAT teammates), he nevertheless shows respect and compassion towards his fellow soldiers. It is later revealed that his wife was from Hiroshima and that his children suffered from genetic diseases. Since they probably wouldn't survive, he gave them all of his working organs and became a cyborg. Shido was badly wounded after Xargin attacked him, but was seen alive in episode 22. He pilots the Sword Rider, a wolf-like machine. He dies in episode 23 trying to prevent another Hiroshima. In the uncensored version of this episode, he is shot everywhere.


Matthew Grant: anime voices|Hiroyuki KinoshitaFormer racing team manager of Gerd Frentzen, who turned into a demoniac after 60 hours of coming in contact with Gerd's blood. Was killed in his Demoniac form by Joseph.

Igor: anime voices|Wataru HatanoA racer who was a part of Gerd's former team.

Jil Hoffmann: anime voices|Kumi SakumaGerd Frentzen's former lover, who ended her relationship with him due to his paralysis. She eventually becomes a Demoniac and is later killed by Gerd.

Snow:A girl who Joseph saved in the past and goes to bring about Joseph to his senses while sustaining heavy injuries in the battle with him. She seems to show some affection for Joseph as seen in episode 19. Because her hologram is displayed in the final episode, it may be assumed that she died of her injuries.


* Demoniacs: or Amalgams are "humans" that are re-animated from the dead into monstrous forms that are both agile and strong, an ability that is unique to them is that they can fuse with any type of machinery or metal to their bodies according to their will. However humans that are alive can also become demoniacs but in their cases some use the power for what they believe as justice, some lose sight of what's important and abuse their power, some use their power to realize their ambitions and other use it for the sole purpose of revenge. In order for a "human" to become a demoniac, they have to come in contact with demoniac blood or via contact with any part of the Amalgam's body this in turn exposes them to the untraceable nano machines in the Demoniac's blood. The nano machines then begin to transform the protein cells found in the body at an accelerated pace causing a fast paced evolution. All this is explained by Beatrice to Wolf, who is a Demoniac herself. Re-animated corps in amalgam form look mostly alike while amalgam-turned humans all have different forms.

* XAT: Xenogenesis Assault Team. A Special Police Division formed to combat Demoniacs by the Federal Police with most of their members ride motorcycles. Their headquarters is in a church in Bifröst. It had been disbanded after Wolf had its personnel infected and turned them to Demoniacs. After the events of Blassreiter, the German federal government rebuilds XAT with the new mandate of protecting people who can turn to Blassreiters.

* Zwölf: An undercover organization formerly known as the Knights Templar. They have converted an ancient castle into a state-of-the-art research facility and base with launch facilities for the Apocalypse Knights, as well as a squad of Paladins. Security is maintained by biometrics-scanning robots and armed guards.

* Apocalypse Knights: A set of combat vehicles designed by Zwölf to combat Demoniacs. It is comprised of three smaller units called the Scale Rider, Bow Rider, and Sword Rider, which can separate to attack individual targets. Each individual unit is controlled by a cyborg pilot. Weapons consist of a laser particle cannon, smaller lasers, laser-guided bombs, rockets, and energy blades.

* Paladins: A special mecha provided to XAT. The operator can use it as a walking mech or as a fast motorbike.

*Outsiders: A lower class in this fictional German society, which potentially refers to immigrants or people who are born poor. They are commonly discriminated against by other members of society.


The following are the main staff members for Blassreiter. [ [ Official Gonzo Information Site.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.]

The show was first announced on November 1, 2007 when Gonzo and Nitroplus at the Nitro Super Sonic event with Ichiro Itano as the director with Naoyuki Onda doing the character and mechanical designs of Blassreiter. [ Gonzo, Nitroplus, Gantz Director Working on New Anime.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.] In addition, a manga adaption of Blassreiter was created with the supervision of Gen Urobuchi and Yasuko Kobayashi as it was written by Noboru Kimura and drawn by Shū Hirose. [ Gonzo, Nitroplus, Gantz Director Working on New Anime.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.]

Nitroplus had announced the creation of a Blassreiter promotional video posted at their official website. [ [ New Blassreiter Promo Video from Gonzo, Nitro+ Posted.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.]

Norihiko Hibino had said in an interview that he was recruited to do Blassreiter's music. [ [ Interview with Jazz artist and Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008.] In another interview with Original Sound Version, he notes that the entire GEM Impact team is actually working on Blassreiter, and that the team has provided approximately 120 minutes of original music for the series [ [ Blassreiter Interview with Norihiko Hibino.] Retrieved on July 14, 2008.]



DVDs of Blassreiter are being released with the 1st Volume released on August 8, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter DVD Page, Volume 1.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] . Volume 2 has been released on September 21, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter DVD Page, Volume 2.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] with Volume 3 due to be out by October 21, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter DVD Page, Volume 3.] Retrieved on October 6, 2008. ja] .


Figures of Joseph in Blassreiter form had been released on August of 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter Figure Page, Joseph in Blassreiter Form.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008 ja] with other figures of Joseph, Elea and Joseph in his GARM motorbike were created and released by Mega Hobby [ [ Official Blassreiter Figure Page, Joseph, Elea and Joseph on GARM Motorbike.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] with other figures included Gerd in Blassreiter form and Joseph in his upgraded Blassreiter look [ [ Official Mega Hobby Blassreiter Page, Album Section.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .


A Blassreiter gaiden manga called "Blassreiter -Genetic-", which centers on Snow, is being published and distributed by Gonzo [ [ Official Blassreiter Book Page, Blassreiter -Genetic-.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] . A light novel version is published by Nitroplus called "Blassreiter Judgement" and was released to the public on July of 2008 while being serialized on The Sneaker [ [ Official Blassreiter Book Page, Blassreiter Light Novel.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .

A Blassreiter Databook had been released on August of 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter Book Page, Blassreiter Databook.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .


Some of the official Blassreiter merchandise include shirts, a ballcap, posters and a XAT strap [ [ Official Blassreiter Merchandise Page.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .


The Blassreiter OST is released on September 10, 2008 with 32 tracks on Disc 1 and 27 tracks on Disc 2 [ [ Official Blassreiter CD Page, OST.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .

GRANRODEO's OP nihongo|"Nonsense Afterimage"|出鱈目な残像|Detarame na Zanzō was released on May 14, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter CD Page, Nonsense Afterimage.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] . Minami Kuribayashi's "unripe hero" was released on July 23, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter CD Page, unripe hero.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .

Aki Misato's "sad rain" was released on May 14, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter Page, sad rain.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] . Kanako Itō's "A Wish For The Stars" was released on August 6, 2008 [ [ Official Blassreiter Page, A Wish For The Stars.] Retrieved on September 4, 2008. ja] .


;Opening themes:nihongo|"Nonsense Afterimage"|出鱈目な残像|Detarame na Zanzō by GRANRODEO [ [ Information, GRANRODEO Official Page.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008 ja icon] ::Episodes 2-14:"unripe hero" by Minami Kuribayashi::Episodes 15-;Ending themes:"sad rain" by Aki Misato [ [ Information, Aki Misato Official Page.] Retrieved on April 15, 2008. ja icon] ::Episodes 1-11:"Separating moment" by Aki Misato::Episode 12:"A Wish For The Stars" by Kanako Itō::Episodes 13-


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* [ "Blassreiter" Official Site]

* [ Official GONZO Site]

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