Tabasaran language

Tabasaran language

name= Tabasaran
nativename=табасаран чIал "tabasaran ĉ̣al"
region=Southern Dagestan
speakers=95,905 (1993)
fam1=Northeast Caucasian

Tabasaran (or Tabassaran) is a member of the Lezgian subfamily of the Northeast Caucasian languages. It is spoken in the southern parts of the Russian Caucasus republic of Dagestan. Tabasaran speakers, Tabasaran people, live in the basin of Upper Rubas-chai and Upper Chirakh-chai. There are two main dialects: North (Khanag) and South Tabasaran. It has a literary language based on the Southern dialect, one of six in the Dagestan Republic.

Tabassaran is an ergative language. The verb system is relatively simple; verbs agree with the noun in number, person and (in North Tabassaran) class. North Tabassaran has two noun classes, while Southern Tabassaran has none.

Writing System

Tabasaran is written with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Note: The letters indicated in red are only encountered in loanwords from Russian.


"Uwu aldakurawu" "Уву алдакураву" — "You are falling."

"Uzuz uwu kkunduzuz" "Узуз уву ккундузуз" — "I love you."

"Uwu fudžuwa?" "Уву фужува?" — "Who are you?"

"Fici wuna?" "Фици вуна?" — "How are you?"

"Zakur ɣürza" "Закур гъюрза" — "I'll come tomorrow"

Grammar: Tabassaran is very probably an active language of Fluid-S type.


*Chanmagomedov, B.G.-K. & K.T. Šalbuzov. 2001. Tabasaransko-russkij slovar’. Moskva: Ilim. ISBN 5-02-022620-3 [Includes outline of Tabasaran grammar (Grammatičeskij očerk tabasaranskogo jazyka) by K.K. Kurbanov (p. 395-476)]

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