Tong may refer to:


*Tang Dynasty, a dynasty in Chinese history when transliterated from Cantonese
*Tong (organization), a type of social organization found in Chinese immigrant communities
*"tong", pronunciation of several Chinese characters
**The Chinese surnames Tang (唐 and 湯/汤) transliterated based on Cantonese
**The Chinese surnames (佟, 童 and 仝) transliterated based on Mandarin


*Tong, Shropshire, a village in Shropshire, England
*Tong, West Yorkshire, a village in West Yorkshire, England
*Tong Forge, a village in Staffordshire, England
*Tonge, Kent, a village in Kent, England
*Tonge, Leicestershire, a village in Leicestershire, England
*Tong, Western Isles (Gaelic: "Tunga"), a village in the Eilean Siar council area of Scotland


* Amy Tong (born 1977), American judoka
* Jason Tong (born 1994) leading the Anti-Whaling Movement.
* The Tongs is also the name of a non-Chinese street gang in Glasgow'
* A customary unit of area equal to 50×60 sana lamjel (1 pari) in Manipur, India. 32 tong equalled 1 pari.
*Tong (video game), an open source game which combines the arcade classics Tetris and Pong
*A word used as a pun on 'song' in the album Sung Tongs

ee also

*Tongs, a tool for picking things up
*Pete Tong, a dance music DJ and radio presenter

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