A. Dakshinamurthy

A. Dakshinamurthy

A. Dakshinamurthy (born Neduvakkottai, Mannargudi Taluk, Thiruvarur district, 1938) is a retired educationist, scholar of Tamil literature and translator.

He had his initiation and growth in Tamil studies under Tamil luminaries like Dr. T.P. Meenakshi Sundaram and Mahavidwan S. Dhandapani Desikar.

He served as a teacher for 33 years in various institutions in Tamil Nadu, retiring in 1996 as the principal of the Senthamizh Arts College, Madurai. He is currently one of the resource persons in the Centre of Excellence for Classical Tamil (CIIL), Mysore. [http://www.ciil-classicaltamil.org/pdfs/nc-2ndmeet.pdf]

His first publication was a scholarly book entitled, "Tamilar Nakarikamum Panpatum", which highlighted many aspects of Tamil culture and civilization and its development from the ancient period to the contemporary age. The work has remained popular since its publication in 1973. His first translation work, "The Poems of Bharathidasan - A translation" (1990) was recognized by the government of Tamil Nadu for an award during the centenary celebrations of the poet in 1991.

"Translation of Sangam Classics" published in three volumes by the Bharathidasan University,Thiruchirappalli in 1999, was the first translation into English of all the 400 verses of the "Akananuru", a sangam classic. He was also the first scholar to attempt a faithful translation of the "Natrinai", another sangam anthology, published by the International Institute of Tamil Studies in 2001. The translation of "The Kuruntokai" was published by The Vetrichelvi Publishers, Thanjavur in 2007.

He has also contributed to the translation of Tamil literatures of the modern and medieval periods.He is one of the very few scholars who have contributed to the propagation of Bharathidasan's works through translation. Dakshinamurthy was awarded the prestigious "Bharathidasan Award" for 2003 by the government of Tamil Nadu in appreciation of this contribution.


*"Kadal mel Kumizhikal" ("The Bubbles on the Sea"), Bharathidasan University, 2006
*"Thamizhachiyin Kathi" ("The Dagger of a Tamil Woman"), Bharathidasan University, 2006
*"Kaadhala Kadamaya" ("Love or Duty"'), Bharathidasan University, 2006
*"The Irunda Veedu", "The Scholar Miscellanist"
*"Nalla Theerpu" "The Scholar Miscellanist"

Other translations

*"The Neethivenba, The Perumal Thirumozhi of Saint Kulasekara Alwar"
*"The Abhirami Anthathi of Saint Abhirami Pattar"
*"The Bharathy Sixty Six"

Other Tamil contributions

*"Sanga Ilakkiyangal unarthum manidha uravugal", 2001, Mangayarkarasi pathippakam ,Thanjavur-7
*"Thamizhiyal Chinthanaikal", Annam Agaram Publishers, Thanjavur


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