Atlas Maritime

Atlas Maritime

Atlas Maritime is an international shipping company with a fleet of seven modern, double-hull tankers, engaged in the worldwide transportation of crude oil and oil products.Atlas was formed as an offspring of L.C. Lemos and Efploia Shipping Ltd. and is based in Athens, Greece. The principal owners are members of the Patitsas-Lemos family.The family has been involved in merchant shipping since the 18th century.


Atlas Maritime is an offspring of L. C. Lemos and Efploia Shipping Ltd. The Company draws on the long history of the Lemos Family, a prominent Greek ship owning family which has been involved in shipping since the 18th century. From 1860 to 1914 the family owned 52 vessels. Whilst their first vessels were general cargo, the family expanded their interests over the years into bulk-carriers and tankers, and most recently into gas carriers.

Throughout the 20th century, the family continued to charter, sell, and purchase vessels of various types from dry cargo vessels to tankers to Very Large Gas Carriers. In the two centuries of its operation, the Patitsas-Lemos family has managed over 100 ships developing a wide network of industry contacts with the most reputable banks, insurers, oil majors, charterers, and other ship-owners.

In 1905 Christos M. Lemos purchased, together with other prominent Oinoussian families [] , their first steamer; the 3,550 ton “Marietta Ralli”. Christos M. Lemos, who was also the first captain of the steamer, continued to built his fleet through the purchases of s/s “Triaina” and s/s “Efploia”.

His sons, including Captain Leon Lemos, further developed the shipping business co-funding the London-based company “Lemos & Pateras” in 1937. In 1947, the brothers bought one of the one hundred Liberty ships, the “Hellas”, and in 1952 they established “G. Lemos Brothers” in London. In 1967, Captain Leon Lemos formed the “Efploia” shipping company and built up a fleet of 17 vessels, all constructed in the best shipyards of the world.

Captain Leon Lemos was the father of Mrs. Marigo Patitsas-Lemos, and the grandfather of Leon and Philemon Patitsas. Their father Spyros Patitsas [] entered the family business in 1968.

CEO, Leon Patitsas

Leon S. Patitsas founded Atlas Maritime Ltd., in 2004. He serves as its managing director and runs the sale and purchase, chartering, and finance departments, implementing its expansion strategy and fleet renewal program. From 2000 to 2004, Mr Patitsas was actively involved in the shipping business and was instrumental in restructuring and developing the Patitsas-Lemos family shipping business culminating in the formation of Atlas Maritime. From 1999 to 2000, Mr. Patitsas was employed by Union Bancaire Privée, a Swiss bank based in New York investing the bank assets into hedge funds. Mr. Patitsas has a M.S. in Ocean Systems Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University. Mr Patitsas has seafaring experience from having served as an engineer onboard a vessel and serves as a director of the committee of Skuld P&I Club. Mr. Patitsas was born in London and is a British citizen.

History with Hyundai

The Lemos–Patitsas family has a long history with Hyundai Heavy Industries [] . In 1985, Captain Leon C. Lemos, the chairman of Efploia Shipping S.A., ordered 10 vessels in Hyundai that were delivered in 1986 and 1987.

10 Vessels Ordered in Hyundai:
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Father"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Strength"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Pride"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Unity"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Seaman"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Sky"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Fighter"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Prudence"
* -M.V. "Costas N. Pateras"
* -M.V. "Oinoussian Navigator"

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