The Economy of God

The Economy of God

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"The Economy of God" is one of the most popular and most known book of American-Chinese christian Witness Lee. According to the book, based on Watchman Nee's ministry and understanding of God's move, Witness Lee, one of Nee's co-worker, unveils the central revelation of the Bible — that God wants to impart Himself into man for His full expression in the church. This is God's plan, God's economy. Lee reveals the move of the Divine Trinity according to His economy and gives believers practical ways to cooperate with Him for the fulfilment of His eternal plan. In the book, "The economy of God" is a quotation from 1 Timothy 1:4, according to the Greek. "Economy" is the Greek word "oikonomia" which primarily signifies the household management, the household administration, arrangement and distribution, or dispensation. The word "economy" is used with the intention of stressing the focal point of God's divine enterprise, which is to distribute, or dispense, Himself into man.


The foreword is written by the author himself. The first and the last paragraph of the foreword goes like this:

"The following chapters are the messages given in the Summer Conference of 1964 at Los Angeles. The spoken form has been retained. The author would urge all the readers to give their attention to the spiritual reality conveyed in these messages rather than to the language itself."

"For a proper application and better result, all the messages in this book need to be read with a praying spirit. It will be more profitable to "pray-read" all the quotations of the Scriptures in every chapter and always accompany the reading with prayer. May the Lord's presence with His sweet anointing within be realized by all the readers in their reading of these messages in the spirit."


The subject of this book is the "Economy of God" or "the Central Revelation of The Bible". According to the messages in the book "The Economy of God" is the central revelation of the Bible. The Key verses are 1 Timothy chapter one, verses 3 through 7: "...that you might charge certain ones not to teach different things, not to give heed to myths and unending genealogies, which produce questionings rather than a dispensation of God (Gk. "God's Economy") which is in faith. But the end of the charge is love out of a pure heart and out of a good conscience and out of unfeigned faith; from which things some, having misaimed (Gk. "missed the mark"), have turned aside to vain talking; desiring to be the teachers of the law..."



*1. The Economy of the Triune God
*2. The All-sufficient Spirit
*3. The Residence of the Divine Spirit
*4. The Key to the Indwelling Spirit
*5. The Persons of God and the Parts of Man
*6. The Inward and the Hidden Parts
*7. The Function of the Inward and Hidden Parts
*8. Dealing with the Heart and the Spirit
*9. Dealing with the Soul
*10. The Digging of Our Inward and Hidden Parts
*11. Discerning the Spirit from the Soul
*12. Man and the Two Trees
*13. The Cross and the Soul Life
*14. The Principle of the Cross
*15. The Principle of Resurrection
*16. The Riches of Resurrection
*17. The Fellowship of Life and the Sense of Life
*18. The Exercise of and Entrance into the Spirit
*19. The Hidden Christ into Our Spirit
*20. Tripartite Man and the Church
*21. The Building of God's Dwelling Place
*22. The Covering of God's Building
*23. The Church —God Manifested in the Flesh
*24. The Vision of the Mark of God's Economy

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* [ Living Stream Ministry] Publisher of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

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*An Autobiography of a Person in the Spirit
*Watchman Nee
*Witness Lee

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