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name = X20

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InService = 1956 -

Manufacturer = Hilding Carlsson
Factory =
Family =
Built = 13
Refurbishment =
Replaced =

Formation = Four cars (X20)
Two cars (X21, X22)
Three cars (X23)
Designation =
Operator = Trafikaktiebolaget Grängesberg-Oxelösunds Järnvägar
Depots =
LinesServed =

yearconstruction = 1956-59
yearservice =
yearscrapped =
numberconstruction =
numberbuilt =
numberservice =
numberscrapped =

CarBody =
CarLength = 65,540 mm (X20)
33,140 mm (X21, X22)
48,670 mm (X23)
CarWidth =
CarHeight =
floorheight =
platformheight =
entrylevelorstep =
art-sections =
doors =

MaxSpeed = 105 km/h
Weight = 68.7 tonnes (X20)
35 tonnes (X21, X22)
54.5 tonnes (X23)
Capacity =
Acceleration =
Deceleration =
Traction =
Engine =
Power = 340 kW (X20, X23)
170 kw (X21, X22)
Transmission =
Auxiliaries =
Power-supply = Pantograph
Gauge = RailGauge|sg
Voltage = 15 kV 16⅔ Hz AC
Brakes =
SafetySystem =

X20, X21, X22 and X23 is a series of two to four car electric multiple units operated by Trafikaktiebolaget Grängesberg-Oxelösunds Järnvägar (TGOJ) of Sweden. Thirteen units were built by Hilding Carlsson Mekaniska Verkstad in 1956-59. They have since been sold to Tågkompaniet and are still in service.


The X20-series was in service with TGOJ until 1989 when they were transferred to Statens Järnvägar (SJ) as a consequence of SJ buying TGOJ. Most of the units retained the TGOJ livery, though some were redecorated to SJs blue colors. During the 1990s they were taken out of service, the last leaving in 2001. One X20 and the X23 were for a period in service with Storstockholms Lokaltrafik on the Stockholm commuter rail. Another X20 was sold to Tågkompaniet, and remains the only unit in service, though one of the cars has been removed to improve acceleration.


X20 is a four-car version delivered in three copies.

X21 is the other original series, and built in ten copies. It has two cars and a less powerful motor.

X22 was the result of four X21-units being rebuild in the 1980s with a more spacious interior and more first class seating.

X23 was created in 1991 after a number of accidents had put parts of the stock out of play. It had three cars, but the same power as a X20 unit.

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