Wyrd Sisters (TV series)

Wyrd Sisters (TV series)

Infobox Television
show_name = Wyrd Sisters

caption =
format = Fantasy, comedy, animation
camera =
picture_format =
runtime = 140 min.
creator = Terry Pratchett
Jimmy Hibbert
developer =
executive_producer =
starring = Jane Horrocks
June Whitfield
Annette Crosbie
Christopher Lee
Eleanor Bron
Les Dennis
narrated =
opentheme =
endtheme =
country = United Kingdom
network =
first_aired = 18 May 1997
last_aired =
num_episodes = 2
website =
imdb_id = 0159931
tv_com_id =
preceded_by = "Soul Music"
followed_by = "Terry Pratchett's Hogfather"

"Wyrd Sisters" is a two-part animated television adaptation of the book of the same name by Terry Pratchett, produced by Cosgrove Hall, and first broadcast on 18 May 1997. It was the second film adaptation of an entire "Discworld" novel (following the "Welcome to the Discworld" short, which was based on a fragment of the novel "Reaper Man", and the "Soul Music" series).


The series closely follows the plot of the novel, which features three witches: Granny Weatherwax; Nanny Ogg, matriarch of a large tribe of Oggs, who owns the most evil cat in the world, (Greebo); and Magrat Garlick, the junior witch, who firmly believes in occult jewellery, even though none of it works.

King Verence I of Lancre is murdered by his cousin, Duke Felmet, and the King's crown and a baby are given by an escaping servant to the three witches. The witches hand the crown and the child to a troupe of traveling actors, acknowledging that destiny will eventually take its course and Tomjon will grow up to defeat Duke Felmet.

However, the kingdom is angry and doesn't want to wait 15 years so the witches move it forward in time. Meanwhile, the duke has decided to get a play written and performed that is favourable to him so he sends the jester to Ankh-Morpork to recruit the same travelling (now stationary) company that Tomjon is in.

The only problem is that Tomjon does not want to be king. Luckily, the jester turns out to be his brother and he becomes king instead.

Main cast

*Jane Horrocks - Magrat Garlick
*June Whitfield - Nanny Ogg
*Annette Crosbie - Granny Weatherwax
*Christopher Lee - Death
*Eleanor Bron - Duchess Felmet
*Les Dennis - The Fool/Tomjon

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