Anamorphosis (EP)

Anamorphosis (EP)

Infobox Album
Name = Anamorphosis
Type = ep
Artist = Drottnar

Released = 2003
Recorded = 2003
Genre = Technical black metal
Length = 20:54
Label = Momentum Scandanavia
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "Spiritual Battle"
This album = "Anamorphosis"
Next album = "Welterwerk"

"Anamorphosis" is the first EP by the Norwegian black metal band Drottnar. This EP was limited to 850 copies and was released in 2003 on Momentum Scandinavia label. Designed by Samuel Durling, the packaging contains a black matte cardboard slipcase with black print and an embossed Drottnar logo.


The original bassist Bjarne Peder Lind left Drottnar before recording this EP, and he was replaced by Håvar Wormdahl. Also, a second guitarist, Bengt Olsson, joined the band for this EP's release. The release saw Drottnar abandoning their folk-influenced Viking black metal style for a more modern and highly technical black metal. The atmosphere is nihilistic and cold. "Anamorphosis" includes the intro "Morphosis" and 3 actual songs. Both the intro and "Sin Climax" contain violins.

Anamorphosis received mixed reviews. The EP was criticized for unbalanced soundscapes, dry and minimalistic drum sounds and lack of hooks. [ [ ] ] However,the grim and dark output received some praise. [ [ THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - DROTTNAR - Anamorphosis ] ]

Track listing

# Morphosis - 2:57
# The Individual Complex - 5:56
# Sin Climax - 6:58
# Concord - 5:03


*Sven-Erik Lind – vocals
*Karl Fredrik Lind – guitar
*Bengt Olsson – guitar
*Håvar Wormdahl – bass
*Glenn-David Lind – drums


External links

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