company_name = TechExcel Inc.
company_type = Private
company_slogan = Accelerate Your Business
foundation = 1995
location = Lafayette, California
num_employees = 180 est. (2008)
industry = Computer software
products = DevSuite, DevTrack, DevTest, ServiceWise, CustomerWise
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TechExcel Inc. is an independent software vendor specializing in scalable, Agile software development with their knowledge centric DevSuite Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform. TechExcel offers both single point stand alone products in each of the domains of ALM, which can be combined to create a fully-integrated software suite which addresses all stages of Application Lifecycle Management: requirements management, project and resource management, issue and bug tracking, quality assurance testing and automation management. The company believes that the question isn’t when to go toward scalable and agile development, but rather how.Fact|date=August 2008

TechExcel Products


DevTrack, TechExcel’s flagship product, is a project issue and defect tracking tool that is used by development teams of all sizes around the globe. Its configurable workflows allow DevTrack to meet the needs of any organization's development processes, large or small. Complete customization features combined with a simple point and click administration tool makes DevTrack a very intuitive and easily configurable defect tracking solution.


DevSpec is an integrated requirements management solution that is specifically designed to provide visibility, traceability and validation of your product or project requirements. DevSpec provides a framework to create new requirements, specifications and features that can be linked to development and testing implementation projects.


From test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution, DevTest Studio tracks and manages the complete quality lifecycle. DevTest Studio combines the award winning test management features of DevTest, the market-leading defect tracking features of DevTrack and TestLink for test automation into one specially priced, integrated solution.

Project Studio (formerly DevPlan)

TechExcel Project Studio is a project, resource, and task management tool. It allows users to plan high level areas of work, assign team members to work in these areas, and then track the tasks needed to complete the activities. Tasks follow configurable workflows and have real-time rollups to the project plan, giving you the total picture of a project.


TechExcel DevSuite leverages intellectual assets with KnowledgeWise, communicating a clear product vision and tactical execution strategy by linking ideas and customer feedback, specifications, requirements, designs, prototypes, and other documents to specific areas of work during a development project. Documents are shared with all resources involved in the execution of the project allowing for an uncompromising vision to direct the path of any development project.


The second phase of TechExcel’s product line was initiated when DevTrack customers asked for a similar comprehensive solution for their customer support teams. TechExcel's development team spent nearly six months Fact|date=August 2008 working closely with these demanding companies refining the underlying conceptual model of the company's second product, ServiceWise, introduced in 1999. TechExcel ServiceWise is your comprehensive internal help desk and IT service management solution regardless of how simple or complex your business processes may be.


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