Click (2008 film)

Click (2008 film)

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name = Click

image_size =
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director = Sangeeth Sivan
producer = Sangeeth Sivan Sanjay Ahluwalia
Vinay Chowksey
writer =
starring = Shreyas Talpade Sneha Ullal
music = Shamir Tandon
cinematography =
editing =
distributor =
released = 2008
runtime =
country = India
language = Hindi
budget =
gross =
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"Click" is a forthcoming Indian Bollywood film that stars Shreyas Talpade and Sneha Ullal in the lead roles. The film is a youth based horror flick. The shooting of the film commenced from September 1, 2007 and is expected to release in 2008. [ [ Sangeeth Sivan's next is horror flick Click ] ] [ [ Sangeeth Sivan signs Sneha Ullal for Click ] ]


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* [ "Click" at IndiaFM]

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