Masking can mean:

  • Applying or using a mask
  • Auditory masking, a class of sensory phenomena where the perception of one sound is affected by the presence of another sound
  • Backmasking, a recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track that is meant to be played forward
  • Backward masking in psychovisual or psychoacoustics
  • Masking (in art), protecting a desired area from change during production
  • Materials used to protect portions of a work from unintended change, such as masking tape, frisket, and stencils
  • Masking (illustration), an art technique that influences the intended perception of a character.
  • Mask (computing), AND'ing or OR'ing a bit pattern with another bit pattern to select some bits
  • Masking agent, a reagent used in chemical analysis which reacts with (thus sequestering) chemical species which may interfere in the analysis
  • Sound masking, the intentional introduction of background to improve comfort and privacy
  • Spectral mask, a method for reducing adjacent-channel interference in broadcast applications

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