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Heather Graham Pozzessere

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Heather Graham Pozzessere,
Shannon Drake
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period = 1982 - present
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John E. Douglas
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Heather Graham Pozzessere (b. March 15, 1953 in Florida) is a best-selling American writer, who writes primarily romance novels. She also writes under her maiden name Heather Graham as well as the pen name Shannon Drake.

Pozzessere is not related to actress Heather Graham, although she has worked as a Shakespearean actress.


Pozzessere grew up in Dade County, Florida. She married Dennis Pozzessere shortly after her high school graduation. After high school she went on and earned a degree in theater arts from the University of South Florida. She spent several years after that working in dinner theater, singing backup vocals, and bartending.cite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = Biography | work = | publisher =Heather Graham Website | date = | url =http://www.eheathergraham.com/heatherbiography1.html | format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-08 ] After the birth of her third child, Pozzessere decided she couldn't afford to go to work anymore.cite web | last = King-Gamble | first = Marcia | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = Interview with Heather Graham | work = | publisher =Romantically Yours | date = February 2005 | url =http://www.theromancewriterslife.com/romanticallyyours/2005/ry_002.html
format = | doi = | accessdate = 2007-02-08
] She chose to stay at home, and, to fill her time, began to write horror stories and romances. After two years, in 1982, she sold her first novel, "When Next We Love".

In the years since then, Pozzessere has written over one hundred novels and novellas. These novels run the gamut of the romance genre, from historical fiction to category, from romantic suspense to time travel, and from vampire fiction to Christmas stories. She has been the launch author for Dell's Ecstasy Supreme line, Silhouette's Shadows line, and for Harlequin's mainstream brand, Mira Books. Her books have been published in twenty languages. Romance Writers of America presented her with the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Novelists Inc.

Pozzessere is a founder of the Florida chapter of the Romance Writers of America, and since 1999 has hosted the annual "Romantic Times" Vampire Ball for charity. In 2006, she hosted the first Writers for New Orleans on Labor Day, with workshops and a dinner theater event to benefit the city and the libraries. Labor Day of 2007 made it an annual event.

Pozzessere is a certified scuba diver. She and her husband live in Florida. They have five children.


As Heather Graham

ingle Novels

*"When Next We Love" (1983)
*"Tender Taming" (1983)
*"A Season for Love" (1983)
*"Quiet Walks the Tiger" (1983)
*"Night, Sea and Stars" (1983)
*"Hours to Cherish" (1984)
*"Tender Deception" (1984)
*"Red Midnight" (1984)
*"Arabian Nights" (1984)
*"Serena's Magic" (1984)
*"Sensuous Angel" (1985)
*"Hold Close the Memory" (1985)
*"An Angel's Share" (1985)
*"A Circumstantial Affair" (1986)
*"Dante's Daughter" (1986)
*"Handful of Dreams" (1986)
*"The Maverick and the Lady" (1986)
*"Eden's Spell" (1986)
*"Liar's Moon" (1987)
*"Siren from the Sea" (1987)
*"Every Time I Love You" (1988)
*"The Devil's Mistress" (1991)
*"Spirit of the Season" (1993)
*"Renegades" (1995)
*"A Magical Christmas" (1996)
*"Queen of Hearts" (1997)
*"The Last Cavalier" (1998)
*"Tempestuous Eden" (1999)
*"Night of the Blackbird" (2001)
*"A Matter of Circumstance" (2001)
*"Miracle" (2001)
*"A Season of Miracles" (2001)
*"In the Dark" (2004)
*"Suspicious" (2005)
*"Kiss Of Darkness" (2006)
*"The Island" (2006)
*"The Last Noel" (2007)

MacAuliffe Viking Trilogy Series

#"Golden Surrender (1987)
#"The Viking's Woman (1993)
#"Lord of the Wolves (1993)

Cameron Family Saga Series

#"Sweet Savage Eden (1989)
#"A Pirate's Pleasure (1989)
#"Love Not a Rebel (1989)
#"One Wore Blue (1991)
#"And One Wore Gray (1992)
#"And One Rode West (1992)

North American Trilogy Subseries

#"Sweet Savage Eden (1989)
#"A Pirate's Pleasure (1989)
#"Love Not a Rebel (1989)

Civil War Trilogy Subseries

#"One Wore Blue (1991)
#"And One Wore Gray (1992)
#"And One Rode West (1992)

MacKenzies - Old Florida Series

#"Runaway (1994)
#"Captive (1996)
#"Rebel (1997)
#"Surrender (1998)
#"Glory (1999)
#"Triumph (2000)

Harrison Investigation Series

*"Haunted" (2003)
*"Ghost Walk" (2005)
*"The Vision" (2006)
*"The Seance" (2007)
*"The Dead Room" (2007)
*"The Death Dealer" (2008)

uspense Series

#"Drop Dead Gorgeous (1998)
#"Tall, Dark, and Deadly (1999)
#"Long, Lean and Lethal (2000)
#"Dying to Have Her (2001)
#"Hurricane Bay (2002)
#"Picture Me Dead (2003)
#"Dead on the Dance Floor (2004)
#"The Presence (2004)
#"Killing Kelly (2005)

oap Opera Subseries

#"Long, Lean and Lethal (2000)
#"Dying to Have Her (2001)
#"Killing Kelly (2005)

O'Casey Brothers Subseries

#"Dead on the Dance Floor (2004)
#"Killing Kelly (2005)


*"The Best of Heather Graham: Tender Taming/When Next We Love (1990)
*"The Best of Heather Graham: A Season for Love/Quiet Walks the Tiger" (1991)
*"Untamed Maverick Hearts" (1993)
*"Tender Taming / When Next We Love" (1994)
*"Three Complete Novels: Sweet Savage Eden / A Pirate's Pleasure / Love Not a Rebel" (1994)
*"A Season for Love and Quiet Walks the Tiger" (1994)
*"Night Heat: Bride of the Tiger/ Angel of Mercy/ Borrowed Angel" (2001)

Omnibus in Collaboration

*"All in the Family: West Virginia / Betrayed By Love" (1987) (with Diana Palmer)
*"Love's Legacy" (1996) (with Madeline Baker, Mary Balogh, Elaine Barbieri, Lori Copeland, Cassie Edwards, Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley, Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer and Janelle Taylor)
*"Lovers Dark and Dangerous" (1996) (with Helen R Myers and Anne Stuart)
*"Daughters Of Destiny" (2001) (with Merline Lovelace and Patricia Potter)
*"Lonesome Rider / The Heart's Desire" (2001) (with Gayle Wilson)
*"Home and Family: All in the Family/Tell Me a Story/Saturday's Child/Wedding of the Year/Seize the Fire" (2001) (with Elda Minger and Dallas Schulze)
*"Reckless Hearts" (2001) (with Miranda Jarrett)
*"Beautiful Stranger: The Last Cavalier / Mystery Child" (2001) (with Carla Cassidy)
*"Lucia in Love / Lion on the Prowl" (2001) (with Kasey Michaels)
*"With a Southern Touch" (2002) (with Jennifer Blake and Diana Palmer)
*"On the Edge" (2003) (with Carla Neggers and Sharon Sala)
*"Forbidden Stranger" (2003) (with Julia Justiss)
*"The Ultimate Treasure" (2003) (with Merline Lovelace and Ann Major)
*"Snowy Nights" (2003) (with Annette Broadrick, Lindsay McKenna and Marilyn Pappano)
*"Forces of Nature" (2004) (with Beverly Barton)
*"In the Dark / Get Blondie - Intimate" (2004) (with Carla Cassidy)
*"I'd Kill for That" (2004) (with Rita Mae Brown, Jennifer Crusie, Linda Fairstein, Lisa Gardner, Kay Hooper, Katherine Neville, Anne Perry, Kathy Reichs, Julie Smith and Tina Wainscott)
*"Warrior without Rules / Suspicious" (2005) (with Nancy Gideon)

As Heather Graham Pozzessere

Some reedited as Heather Graham.

ingle Novels

*"Night Moves" (1985)
*"Double Entendre" (1986)
*"The Di Medici Bride" (1986)
*"The Game of Love" (1986)
*"Bride of the Tiger" (1987)
*"King of the Castle" (1987)
*"A matter of cicumstance" (1987)
*"All in the family" (1987)
*"Angel of Mercy" (1988)
*"Lucia in Love" (1988)
*"Strangers in Paradise" (1988)
*"This Rough Magic" (1988)
*"Borrowed Angel" (1989)
*"Home for Christmas" (1989)
*"A Perilous Eden" (1990)
*"Forever My Love" (1990)
*"Wedding Bell Blues" (1990)
*"Forbidden Fire" (1991)
*"Snowfire" (1991)
*"The Christmas bride" (1991)
*"Hatfield and McCoy" (1991)
*"Mistress of Magic" (1995)
*"Between Roc and a Hard Place" (1993)
*"Last cavalier" (1993)
*"Lonesome rider" (1993)
*"The Trouble with Andrew" (1993)
*"Wilde imaginings" (1993)
*"Slow Burn" (1994)
*"An Angel's Touch" (1995)
*"Eyes of Fire" (1995)
*"For All of Her Life" (1995)
*"Seize the wind" (1995)
*"Down in New Orleans" (1996)
*"If Looks Could Kill" (1997)
*"Never Sleep with Strangers" (1998)
*"Night heat" (2001)

later's Summer Fires Series

#"Dark Stranger (1993)
#"Rides a Hero (1989)
#"Apache Summer (1989)
*"Summer Fires: Dark Stranger, Rides a hero and Apache summer" (1998)

Omnibus in Collaboration

*"Brave Hearts" (1994) (with Kathleen Eagle and Diana Palmer)
*"Destined for Love" (1998) (with Annette Broadrick and Kathleen Korbel)
*"Forever Mine" (1998) (with Elizabeth Lowell and Nora Roberts)
*"Summer Sensations" (1998) (with Linda Howard and Linda Lael Miller)
*"Always and Forever" (1998) (with Linda Howard and Linda Lael Miller)
*"Legacies of Love Collection: Legacy, No Stranger, and Wedding Bell Blues" (1999) (with Stella Cameron and Jayne Ann Krentz)

As Shannon Drake

ingle Novels

*"Tomorrow the Glory" (1985)
*"Blue Heaven, Black Night" (1986)
*"Ondine" (1988)
*"Lie Down in Roses" (1988)
*"Emerald Embrace" (1991)
*"And I Will Love You Forever" (1991)
*"Gifts of Love" (1991)
*"Damsel in Distress" (1992)
*"Bride of the Wind" (1992)
*"Vanquish the Night" (1992)
*"Lovers and Demons" (1993)
*"One Little Miracle" (1993)
*"Branded Hearts" (1995)
*"The King's Pleasure" (1998)
*"Beguiled" (2006)

Fire Series

*"Princess of Fire" (1989)
*"Knight of Fire" (1993)

No Other Series

*"No Other Man" (1995)
*"No Other Woman" (1996)
*"No Other Love" (1997)

Vampires Series

*"Beneath a Blood Red Moon" (1999)
*"When Darkness Falls" (2000)
*"Deep Midnight" (2001)
*"Realm of Shadows" (2002)
*"The Awakening" (2003)
*"Dead by Dusk" (2005)

Graham Family Series

*"Come the Morning" (1999)
*"Conquer the Night" (2000)
*"Seize the Dawn" (2001)
*"Knight Triumphant" (2002)
*"The Lion in Glory" (2003)
*"When We Touch" (2004)
*"The Queen's Lady" (2007)

Victorian Fairy Tale Series

*"Wicked" (2005)
*"Reckless" (2005)

Omnibus in Collaboration

*"Haunting Love Stories" (1991) (with Betina Krahn, Linda Lael Miller and Christina Skye)
*"Night Magic" (1993) (with Rebecca Brandewyne, Jill Gregory and Becky Lee Weyrich)
*"Under the Mistletoe" (1993) (with Judith E French, Sara Orwig and Rebecca Paisley)

References and sources

* [http://www.eHeatherGraham.com Heather Graham Pozzessere's Official Website]
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External links

* [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/g/heather-graham/ Heather Graham and Heather Graham Pozzessere] and [http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/d/shannon-drake/ Shannon Drake at Fantastic Fiction]
* [http://www.iblist.com/author927.htm Heather Graham] on Internet Book List

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