Pobjoy R

Pobjoy R


The Pobjoy R was a British seven-cylinder, air-cooled, aircraft engine designed and built by Pobjoy Airmotors. [Lumsden 2003, p.178.] Introduced in 1926 it was a popular engine for ultralight and small aircraft in the 1930s. A notable feature of the Pobjoy R was the propeller reduction gear which allowed the engine to operate at high RPM.

Specifications (Pobjoy R)

"Data from:" Lumsdenpistonspecs

type=7-cylinder air-cooled, radial, left-hand tractor
bore=3.03 in (77 mm)
stroke=3.43 in (87 mm)
displacement=173.05 cu in (2.84 L)
diameter=25.5 in (6477 mm)

weight=135 lb
oilsystem=Dry sump
power=85 hp
fuelcon=4.9 imp. gallons per hour
power/weight= 1 hp/1.8 lb


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