Waterborne ETP

Waterborne ETP

The Waterborne ETP is a European Technology Platform (ETP) initiative to improve the competitive situation of the European Union in the field of the waterborne (sea and inland) sector.

The programme is a joint initiative (Public-Private Partnership) of the European Commission, representing the European Communities, and the industry. The main objective of the programma is to produce and implement a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

ee also

* European Technology Platform
* Joint Technology Initiative


* [http://www.waterborne-tp.org/bal_ims_controler.php?menu=MzQ3bG9kPjc9Mj9qM2pmNw=&page=1&reset=search WATERBORNE Implementation Route Map (WIRM) 2007]

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* [http://www.waterborne-tp.org/ Waterborne TP]

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