Archduchess Adelheid of Austria

Archduchess Adelheid of Austria

Archduchess Adelheid of Austria (3 January 1914 - 3 October 1971) was a member of the Austrian Imperial Family.

She was born in Schloss Hetzendorf the second child but eldest daughter of the then Archduke Charles of Austria and his wife Zita of Bourbon-Parma. On 21 November 1916 her great-grand uncle the Emperor Franz Joseph died and her father succeeded him as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. During the First World War Adelheid would often accompany her brother Crown Prince Otto and father on trips to inspect the Austrian troops. [cite book |title=Uncrowned Emperor |last=Brook-Shepherd |first=Gordon |year=2003 |publisher=Hambledon Continuum |isbn=1852854391 |pages=32 ]

Following the Austro-Hungarian Empire's defeat in the war her father was forced to renounce participation in state affairs and subsequently the empire was dismantled and republics were established in Austria and Hungary. In 1919 Adelheid and her family were sent into exile first in Switzerland before later being taken to Portuguese island of Madeira. On 9 March 1922 Adelheid was with her brother Otto and father Emperor Charles when he went into town to buy toys for Carl Ludwig's birthday. On the way back they were enveloped by chill mists and her father caught a cold which later developed in pneumonia from which he died on April 1.

In December 1933 she became the first member of her family to set foot in Vienna since the establishment of the republic when she arrived by train from Budapest. [cite news |title= Archduchess in Vienna |publisher=New York Times |page=8 |date=1933-12-23 ] Adelheid attended the University of Louvain and gained a doctorate in 1938. [cite news |last=Price |first=Clair |title= An Empress chats in a New England Homse |publisher=New York Times |page=88 |date=1940-08-04 ] During the Second World War she immigrated with most of her family to the United States to escape the Nazis.

Archduchess Adelheid later returned to Europe and died unmarried in Pöcking, Bavaria. [cite web | last = Lundy | first = Darryl | title = Adelheid Maria Erzherzogin von Österreich | publisher =The Peerage | url = | accessdate =2008-03-02 ]


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1= 1. Archduchess Adelheid of Austria
2= 2. Charles I of Austria
3= 3. Zita of Parma
4= 4. Archduke Otto Francis of Austria
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6= 6. Robert I, Duke of Parma
7= 7. Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal
8= 8. Archduke Charles Louis of Austria
9= 9. Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
10= 10. George of Saxony
11= 11. Maria Anna of Portugal
12= 12. Charles III, Duke of Parma
13= 13. Princess Louise Marie Thérèse of France
14= 14. Michael of Portugal
15= 15. Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
16= 16. Archduke Francis Charles of Austria
17= 17. Princess Sophie of Bavaria
18= 18. Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies
19= 19. Maria Theresa of Austria
20= 20. John of Saxony
21= 21. Amelia of Bavaria
22= 22. Ferdinand II of Portugal
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25= 25. Maria Teresa of Savoy
26= 26. Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry
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28= 28. John VI of Portugal
29= 29. Charlotte of Spain
30= 30. Constantine, Hereditary Prince of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
31= 31. Princess Marie of Hohenlohe-Langenburg


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