Senator of the College of Justice

Senator of the College of Justice

The Senators of the College of Justice, also known as the Lords of Council and Session and as the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary, are the judges of the Court of Session and of the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland. See List of Senators of the College of Justice, for a list of current Senators.

Senators of the College use the title "Lord" or "Lady" along with a surname or a territorial name. Note, however, that some Senators have a peerage title, which would be used instead of the senatorial title. All Senators of the College have the honorific "The Honourable" before their titles, while those who are also Privy Counsellors or peers have the honorific "The Right Honourable".

Under section 11 of the Treason Act 1708 it is treason to kill them when sitting in judgment in exercise of their office within Scotland.

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