Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

Delaware Journal of Corporate Law

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"The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law" (Del. J. Corp. L.) [] is Widener University School of Law's original law review. Beginning in 1975, the "Journal" has published, and continues to publish, three issues per volume. [cite web | title = The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law | url =] The "Journal" continually ranks among the top specialized legal journals the United States based on the number of citations from federal and state courts. In 2007, the "Journal" ranked 13th out of over 409 specialized journals based on citations in state and federal court opinions. [cite web | title = Washington & Lee Law Review Rankings | url =]


While the "Journal" maintains a corporate focus, it seeks to publish articles that come within the broad scope of the American Bar Association's Section on Business Law. [] Some of the current committees of that section are: Professional Responsibility; Insurance law; Law Firms; Criminal Laws; Employee Benefits; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Environmental Controls; Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law; Health Law; International Business Law; Public Interest Issues; and Telecommunications. [cite web | title = ABA Section of Business Law | url =]

Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law

The "Journal" hosts the Annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law. This lecture series, held in Wilmington, Delaware, is presented to the Delaware Bench and Bar and focuses on developing issues in the area of corporate law. The lecturer is always a leading voice in the field of corporation law, and the lecture provides the Delaware Bar, particularly the members of the bench on both the Court of Chancery and the Supreme Court, an opportunity to challenge academia with practical concerns. Past Pileggi Lecturers [cite web | title = The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law - Pileggi Lecture | url =] include:

2008-2009: Professor Eric Talley
2007-2008: Professor [ Mark J. Roe]
2006-2007: Professor [ Hillary A. Sale]
2005-2006: Professor Stephen Bainbridge
2004-2005: Professor [ Melvin A. Eisenberg]
2003-2004: Professor [ Robert B. Thompson]
2002-2003: Dean [ Harry J. Haynsworth]
2001-2002: Professor [ Lynn A. Stout]
2000-2001: Professor [ Charles M. Elson]
1999-2000: Professor [ Ronald J. Gilson]
1998-1999: Professor [ Larry E. Ribstein]
1997-1998: Dean Joel Seligman
1996-1997: [ Robert R. Keatinge,] Esquire
1995-1996: Professor [ Donald D. Langevoort]
1994-1995: Professor [ John C. Coffee, Jr.]
1993-1994: The Honorable Henry R. Horsey
1992-1993: Professor [ Deborah A. DeMott]
1991-1992: Professor [ Richard M. Buxbaum]
1990-1991: [ Lawrence J. Bugge,] Esquire
1989-1990: [ A.A. Sommer, Jr.,] Esquire
1988-1989: Professor [ Harvey L. Pitt]
1987-1988: Professor [ Louis Loss]
1986-1987: The Honorable Ralph K. Winter, Jr.
1985-1986: Professor [ Robert W. Hamilton]

=Membership Selection [cite web | title = The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law - Membership Selection | url =] =

The "Journal" offers three methods for obtaining membership. First, those students whose academic performance has placed them in the top 5% of their respective class after first semester for regular division students or third semester for evening division students are extended invitations to join the "Journal". Second, students that have completed first-year regular division or second-year evening division may obtain membership through the Summer Writing Competition. [cite web | title = The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law - Summer Write-on Competition | url =] This competition takes into consideration both the student’s competition paper and grades. Finally, students, after completion of either second-year regular division or third-year extended division, may submit a paper on a pre-approved topic as part of the Superior Authorship Competition. [cite web | title = The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law - Superior Authorship Competition | url =] Participation in this competition is also subject to a minimum GPA requirement.

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