List of Egyptian composers

List of Egyptian composers

The following is a list of Egyptian composers of classical music. According to the work of the Egyptian musicologist Samha El-Kholy, the first generation of Egyptians to begin writing in this style were born around the turn of the 20th century.

First generation

*Yusef Greiss (1899 or 1905 –1961)
*Abu Bakr Khairat (1910-1963)
*Hasan Rashid (1896-1969)

econd generation

*Awatef Abdel Karim (b. 1931)
*Gamal Abdel-Rahim (1924-1988)
*Shaban Abu El-Saad (1926-1988)
*Sayed Awad (1926-2000)
*Ahmad Ebeid (1916-1980)
*Halim El-Dabh (b. 1921)
*Michel El-Masry (b. 1933)
*Kamel El-Remaly (b. 1922)
*Aziz El-Shawan (1916-1993)
*Mohammed Hasan El-Shogaaiy (1899-1963)
*Fouad El-Zahery (1916-1988)
*Soliman Gamil (1924-1994)
*Rifaat Garrana (b. 1924)
*Ibrahim Haggag (1916-1987)
*Tarek Ali Hassan (b. 1937)
*Aly Ismail (1922-1974)
*Abdel-Halim Noweira (1916-1985)
*Baheega Sidky Rasheed (1899-1987)
*Attia Sharara (b. 1922)
*Youssef Shawky (1925-1987)

Third generation

*Nader Abbassi (b. 1963)
*Ahmed Abdallah
*Mohamed Abdelwahab Abdelfattah (b. 1962)
*Adel Afifi (b. 1945)
*Youssef Aziz (b. 1946)
*Rageh Daoud (b. 1954)
*Ahmed El-Saedi (b. 1947)
*Ammar El-Sheree'ee (b. 1948)
*Mona Ghoneim (b. 1955)
*Sherif Mohie El Din (b. 1964)
*Alaaeddin Mustafa
*Amir Maher Naguib
*Ali Osman (b. 1958)
*Gamal Salamah (b. 1945)
*Khaled Shokry

Fourth generation

*Mohamed Saad Basha (b. 1972)
*Ahmed Madkour
*Nahla Mattar (b. 1971) [] []
*Amr Okba (b. 1972) []
*Wael Sami (b. 1976)
*Ramz Sabry Samy (b. 1973)
*Bassam Noureddien (b.1977) [ ] []

Fifth generation

*Mohamed Adel Mostafa (b. 1983)

Composers whose generation is unknown

*Riad Abdel-Gawad (b. 1965)
*Fouad Fakhoury


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