Thin small-outline package

Thin small-outline package

Thin small-outline packages, or TSOPs are a type of surface mount IC package. They are notably very low-profile (about 1mm) and have tight lead spacing (as low as 0.5mm).

They are frequently used for RAM or Flash memory ICs dues to their high pin count and small volume. However, they are being supplanted by ball grid array packages which can achieve even higher densities.

Physical properties

TSOPs are rectangular in shape and come in two varieties: Type I and Type II. Type I ICs have the pins on the shorter side and Type II have the pins on the longer side. The table below shows basic measurements for common TSOP packages.

Type I

Type II

imilar packages

There are a variety of small form-factor IC carrier available other than TSOPs
*small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC)
*Plastic small-outline package (PSOP)
*Shrink small-outline package (SSOP)
*Thin-shrink small outline package (TSSOP)

ee also

*Integrated circuit

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