"RATTLE" is an award-winning poetry magazine based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1994, the magazine is published by the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation [ [http://fcfox.org/] Web page titled "Media & Projects" at the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation website, accessed June 30, 2008] . Established writers such as Philip Levine, Jane Hirshfield, Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, Gregory Orr, and others have appeared in RATTLE, although the magazine also prides itself on its publication of new and emerging poets. Poems from the magazine have been reprinted in The Best American Poetry [ [http://www.bestamericanpoetry.com/archive/?id=21] The Best American Poetry 2007. Heather McHugh, Guest Editor, David Lehman, Series Editor. ISBN-10: 0743299736, Scribner, 2007] and Pushcart Prize [ [http://www.pushcartprize.com/] Pushcart Prize XXXII: Best of the Small Presses. Bill Henderson, Series Editor. ISBN-13: 978-1888889468, Pushcart Press, 2008] anthologies.

According to the magazine’s website:

"RATTLE" is pretty simple: We love poetry and feel that it's something everyone can enjoy. We look for poems that are accessible, that have heart, that have something to say. [ [http://www.rattle.com/about.htm] Web page titled "RATTLE: About Us" at the RATTLE website, Accessed June 30th, 2008]

Each issue features a theme honoring a particular community of poets, such as teachers, slam poets, or, most recently, nurse poets. Interviews with contemporary poets are also a staple of the twice-yearly publication. Though primarily dedicated to its print issues, the magazine’s website features a variety of supplemental material, such as audio archives [ [http://www.rattle.com/audio.htm] Web page titled "RATTLE: Audio Archives" at the RATTLE website, accessed June 30th, 2008] , reviews of contemporary poetry [ [http://www.rattle.com/ereviews.htm] Web page titled "RATTLE: e-Reviews" at the RATTLE website, Accessed June 30th, 2008] , and electronic issues [ [http://www.rattle.com/eissues.htm] Web page titled "RATTLE: e-Issues" at the RATTLE website, Accessed June 30th, 2008] .

"RATTLE" Poetry Prize

The "RATTLE" Poetry Prize, established in 2006, awards $5000 to the best poem submitted, as decided by the magazine’s editors. Ten $100 honorable mentions are also awarded. All winners receive publication in the winter issue of the magazine. [ [http://www.pw.org/content/poetry_prize_45] Web page titled "Poetry Prize" at the "Poets & Writers" magazine website, Accessed June 30th, 2008]


Editor-in-Chief: Alan Fox
Editor: Timothy Green
Assistant Editor: Megan O’Reilly
Editor Emeritus: Stellasue Lee
Editorial Assistant: Cassandra Glickman

Past Contributors

Past contributors to the journal have included [ [http://www.rattle.com/links.htm] Web page titled "RATTLE: Links" at the RATTLE website, accessed June 30th, 2008] :


External links

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* [http://www.duotrope.com/market_1020.aspx RATTLE's information at Duotrope]
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