ICC is an acronym, which may refer to:



* International Criminal Court, a court for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.
* International Control Commission, which oversaw the 1954 Geneva Accords ending the First Indochina War
* International Communist Current, a communist organization
* Inuit Circumpolar Council, a non-governmental organization representing several peoples living in the far north
* Islamic Clerics Committee, a grassroots leadership group in Iraq


* ICC Bank, Ireland
* ICC Productions, hip-hop record label
* Information Control Corporation, an Information Technology consulting firm headquarted in Columbus, Ohio
* Intelligent contact center, Enterprise contact centers that use emails and phone conversations for sales promotion.
* International Chamber of Commerce, supporting global trade and globalisation
* Internet Chess Club, a commercial Internet site on which to play chess
* International Christian Communications Media Group
* ICC Records, a UK charitable-status Christian record production and distribution company, owned by ICC Media Group
* International Code Council, membership association dedicated to building safety and fire prevention for residential and commercial buildings
* Independent Civil Certifier, involved in Private Finance Initiative contracts
* International Collection Corporation, Los Angeles commercial collection agency


* Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan, a student housing cooperative
* International Churches of Christ, a group of Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement Christian churches
* NTT InterCommunication Center, a media art gallery in Tokyo, Japan
* International Comic artist Conference, an annual conference which is held Korea, Japan, China, Hongkong and Taiwan in turn with the aim of cultural exchange among international comic artists


* International Cricket Council, the governing body for international cricket matches

tandards and regulatory bodies

* Illinois Commerce Commission
* International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (formerly International Association for Cereal Chemistry)
* International Color Consortium, a standards body for computer color management
* International Conference on Communications, an academic conference for engineers
* Interstate Commerce Commission, a former regulatory body in the United States

cience and technology

* Immunocytochemistry, interaction of chemicals with immune responses of cells
* Interstitial cells of Cajal
* Integrated circuit card or Integrated chip card, any integrated circuitry embedded into a flat, plastic body
*Interactive computer card
* International Color Consortium
* Intraclass correlation or alternatively Intraclass correlation coefficient
* In electronics, ICC or ICC refers to the total electrical current (I) supplied to the Collectors of transistors in a circuit whose active components are NPN Bipolar Junction Transistors.
* Intel C++ Compiler
* Internet Connect Card


* Ifield Community College, a school in Crawley, West Sussex, England
* International Christian College, Glasgow, Scotland
* Ivybridge Community College, a secondary school in Devon, England
* Itawamba Community College, campuses located in Fulton and Tupelo, Mississippi
* Intercultural Communications College, an ESL school in Honolulu, Hawaii


* International Commerce Centre, a superskyscraper in Hong Kong
* International Convention Centre, any of several convention centers
* Intercounty Connector, a highway being constructed in Maryland
* International Certificate of Competence British skippers certificate for use in EU
* Integration Competency Center
* The Bunn Intercultural Center, Georgetown University in Washington, DC
* UN International Computing Centre, Geneva
* International Congress Centrum, Berlin
* International Critical Commentary, a series of commentaries on the books of the Bible
* International Cricket Captain Series, a video game series about cricket management
* Interstellar Confederation of Corporations, in the MMORPG "Anarchy Online"
* Incarnation Children's Center, New York orphanage
* Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan, a student housing cooperative in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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