List of Out of the Unknown episodes

List of Out of the Unknown episodes

The following is a complete episode list of the anthology science fiction television series "Out of the Unknown" which aired over four seasons between 4 October 1965 and 30 June 1971 on BBC2. The first two seasons were made and broadcast in black and white and the latter two seasons were in colour.

Many "Out of the Unknown" episodes were adaptations of short stories and novels. In such cases, the list below credits the story to the original author and lists the adapter in the following column. Instances where an adaptation was broadcast under a different title to the original work are footnoted as appropriate. Where a script was an original commission, the screenwriter is credited as the author and the “Adapted by” column is marked “n/a”.

Only twenty episodes of the series survive in the archives today. The “Exists?” column indicates whether an episode has survived or not. In some cases, short clips and/or audio recordings of missing episodes have survived – these are indicated in the footnotes.

eason 1

Season 1 was broadcast on Monday nights at 8:00pm. It was produced by Irene Shubik.

eason 4

Season 4 was broadcast on Wednesday nights at 9:20pm. It was produced by Alan Bromly and the script editor was Roger Parkes. Unlike previous seasons, only one episode was an adaptation.



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