Dio (disambiguation)

Dio (disambiguation)

Dio may refer to:
*Dio, a heavy metal band and its singer, Ronnie James Dio (b. 1942)
*Dio of Alexandria, a Greek philosopher and ambassador (1st century BC)
*Dio Chrysostom, a Roman philosopher (40–120 AD)
*Dio Lequaglie (born 1963), an Italian beach volleyball player
*Cassius Dio, a Roman historian (160–230 AD)
*Johnny Dio, a mafia boss
*"Dio" (song), a song by Tenacious D from their 2001 album
*Dio Brando, a character from the manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
*(Neo) Dio, a character from the video game World Heroes
*Diocesan School for Girls (Auckland), New Zealand
*Defence Intelligence Organisation, the Australian military intelligence agency
*Defense Industries Organization
*Digital Input Output
*the Italian word for God
*Diet-induced obese (DIO)
*Defense Industries Organization, the conglomerate of companies under the leadership of Iran

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