Evangelical Church

Evangelical Church

The term Evangelical Church may refer specifically to:

* Evangelical Church in Germany - largest Protestant denomination in Germany;
* Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - largest Lutheran denomination in the USA;
* Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada - largest Lutheran denomination in Canada;
* Evangelical Association - founded by Jacob Albright often referred to as the Evangelical Church one of the historic predecessor bodies of the United Methodist Church;
* Evangelical Synod of North America - founded in the mid-19th century and centered in the Midwest, it was usually referred to simply as the Evangelical Church (and thus not to be confused with the Evangelical Association) and was one of the historic predecessor bodies of the United Church of Christ;
* Evangelical Church (ECNA) - American denomination (Wesleyan);
* Evangelical Free Church of America - American denomination (Calvinist);

or more generically to any Church or denomination within:

* Lutheranism;
* Evangelical Christianity; or
* Evangelicalism


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