Flyer or flier may mean:

* Flyer (pamphlet), a single page pamphlet

In aviation:

* Aviator, a person who flies aircraft for pleasure or as a profession
* Passenger, someone who travels on an aircraft
* "FLYER" (magazine), a monthly UK general aviation magazine
* Wright Flyer, the first powered aircraft designed and built by the Wright Brothers

In sport:

* Philadelphia Flyers, a National Hockey League team
* Fort Worth Flyers, an NBA Development League team
* Dayton Flyers, University of Dayton athletic team
* The top person in a cheerleading stunt


* "Flyer" (steamboat), a steamboat that served from 1891 to 1930 on Puget Sound
* Flyer (automobile), manufactured by the Flyer Motor Car Company from 1913–1914
* USS "Flier" (SS-250), a "Gato"-class submarine launched in 1943
* BYD Flyer

In amusement rides:

* Flying roller coaster, a type of roller coaster where the riders are secured in flying position with the track overhead
* Flying Scooters, an amusement ride consisting of suspended vehicles rotating around a center post

In other contexts:

* Flier (fish) ("Centrarchus macropterus"), a North American fish
* "Flyer" (Nanci Griffith album), an album by Nanci Griffith from 1994
* Fast Low-Ionization Emission Region (FLIER), a poorly-understood structure in some planetary nebulae
* Flyer, a flying trapeze performer
* Flyer, a female kangaroo
* Flyer, a pterosaur in the "The Land Before Time" film series
* Flyer Industries Limited, a former name of New Flyer Industries
* Flyer (Croatian band)
* FlyEr, a Belarusian rap artist

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