Firm or The Firm can have several meanings:

*Any business entity such as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship. This more general meaning is used in macroeconomics (in terms such as ideal firm size).
*The word "firm" is sometimes used in a more restrictive sense to refer to a business group of professionals, such as law firm, architectural firm, securities/financial firm (such as private equity), or consulting firm. This use can be seen in phrases such as white shoe firm. Contrast with sole practitioner.
*British slang phrase for a criminal gang or football hooligans (see list of hooligan firms).


*Organizations called The Firm:
**The Firm, a criminal gang active in the East End of London, once run by the Kray twins
**The British Royal Family, allegedly referred to as the "the Firm" by family members
**Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6), one of the United Kingdom intelligence agencies
**McKinsey & Company, a large multinational management consulting firm
**Firmaet, an anti-communist private intelligence agency in Demark run by former Danish resistance movement leader Arne Sejr
**The Firm Skateboards, a skateboard company that shut down in 2006.
**The Loco Familia, or La Familia Loca, young immigrants entrepreneurs' association.

Music and popular culture

*The Firm (EastEnders), a fictional organisation in the British TV series, "EastEnders"
*"The Firm" (novel), a 1991 novel by John Grisham
**"The Firm" (1993 film), a 1993 movie based on the book
*"The Firm" (1988 film), a British TV movie starring Gary Oldman
*The Firm (band), a British rock group formed in 1984 by Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers
*The Firm (group), a hip-hop music supergroup that released one album in 1997
*The Firm (Star Trekkin'), a music act that produced the 1987 UK #1 hit "Star Trekkin'"
*The Firm (pop group), a London-based pop group
*The F.I.R.M., a fictional organization in the TV series "Airwolf"
*"The Firm" (TV series), a 2007 Malaysian corporate reality television programme.
*The Firm, Inc., a Beverly Hills-based talent management company headed by Jeff Kwatinetz

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