Fearless may refer to:

* HMS "Fearless", one of seven vessels of the British Royal Navy
* USS "Fearless", one of three vessels in the United States Navy
* Fearless class landing platform dock

in literature:
* "Fearless" (book series), juvenile novels by Francine Pascal
* "Fearless" (Angel novel), a novel based on the American TV series "Angel"
* "Fearless, A Novel of Sarah Bowman", a 1998 novel by Lucia St. Clair Robson
* "Fearless", a novel by Tim Lott

in comics:
* "Fearless" (comics)|, by Mark Sable and P.J. Holden from Image Comics

in cinema and television:
* "Fearless" (1993 film), a drama directed by Peter Weir
* "Fearless" (2006 film), an action film starring martial artist Jet Li
* "Fearless" (TV series), a TV pilot based on the book series which featured Rachel Leigh Cook as the main character

in music:
* "Fearless" (Collin Raye album), a 2006 album by Collin Raye
* "Fearless" (Eighth Wonder album), a 1987 album by Eighth Wonder
* "Fearless" (Family album), a 1971 album by Family
* "Fearless" (Francis Dunnery album), a 1994 album by Francis Dunnery
* "Fearless" (Jazmine Sullivan album), the debut album by Jazmine Sullivan, released in 2008
* "Fearless (Taylor Swift album)", a 2008 album by Taylor Swift
* Fearless, a 1979 album by Tim Curry
* "Fearless" (Terri Clark album), a 2000 album by Terri Clark
* "Fearless" (Vaughn album), an album by Vaughn
* "Fearless" (song), by Pink Floyd
* "Fearless" (The Bravery song), by The Bravery
* Fearless Records, a California-based record label
* Fearless Radio, a Chicago-based Radio Station broadcasting on the net
* Fearless Management, a New York City-based management company specializing in music
* "Fearless" (Keri Noble album), a 2005 album by Keri Noble

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