Karnak (disambiguation)

Karnak (disambiguation)

Karnak may refer to:

*Karnak, the temple complex and a village near Luxor, Egypt
*Karnak (comics), Karnak the Inhuman, from the Marvel universe
*Karnak, the Antarctic retreat of Ozymandias (comics) in the comic book series Watchmen
*Karnak (band), from São Paulo, Brazil
*Karnak, Illinois, a village in Pulaski County, Illinois, United States
*"S.S. Karnak", from the novel and movie "Death on the Nile"
*Queen Karnak, from the "Final Fantasy V"
*Big Karnak, arcade video game released in 1991 by Gaelco

Carnac may refer to:

*Carnac, the village and commune in northwestern France
**Carnac stones, collection of monolithic sites around the village
*Carnac the Magnificent, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson's well-known psychic
*John Rivett-Carnac, an early explorer in Western Australia
*Carnac Island, nature reserve near Fremantle, Western Australia
*Carnac (The Silver Sequence), a character in the book series "The Silver Sequence"

Karnack or Karnac may refer to:

*Karnack, Texas, USA
*KARNAC, "Knowledge Aided Retrieval in Activity Context", terrorist profiling

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